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LHS April Spotlight Selections
paw jm April Spotlight
LHS Spotlight selections are Jorghialyn Kimble, Kate Schroeder, Evan Skelton, Wyatt Davis - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE

LARNED — Larned High School has selected its April Spotlight students — Jorghialyn Kimble, Academics; Kate Schroeder, Fine Arts; Evan Skelton, Athletics; and Wyatt Davis, Leadership/Service.

Jorghialyn Kimble, sr.
Good students strive for excellence in the classroom while pushing themselves in a rigorous academic curriculum.
Jorghialyn is a perfect example of wanting to achieve and to challenge herself in the classroom. While the grade is important to Jorghialyn, understanding the concept and becoming more skilled in academic areas that will help her succeed in future academic endeavors is also very important.
Jorghialyn accepts help when needed and attacks challenging academic requirements head on and without delay. Her serious approach to her studies and the perseverance to plow through difficult academic situations make Jorghialyn a perfect choice for the April Spotlight in Academics.

Kate Schroeder, sr.
Fine Arts
Getting to school early in the morning to rehearse indicates a real commitment to one’s art, and being willing to spend the extra hours to improve speaks to his or her desire to improve the group as a whole. Kate is a vital part of the vocal and the instrumental programs at LHS.
You have seen Kate on the football field during halftime performances, on the stage during concert band performances, and in the gym as a part of the pep band. As a vocalist, Kate sings in the LHS choir, the show choir, Beginnings, and even on the basketball court, singing the national anthem.
Kate has been selected to participate in the KMEA state honor band as a flautist and has received 1 ratings multiple times for her vocal solos, flute solos, and instrumental ensembles, all very good reasons for selecting Kate as the April Spotlight in Fine Arts.

Evan Skelton, sr.
In order to reach one’s athletic potential, one needs to spend countless hours perfecting the needed skills, but athletes also need to learn self-discipline, the ability to stay positive even through adversity, and to approach each practice and game situation with unending energy and focused determination. These qualities take time to achieve, and Evan continues to work in these vital areas.
Evan has been an important part of the Indian football team where he earned Central Kansas all-league and Class 4A all-state honors. He has been a varsity starter on the Indian basketball team where he has been placed on all-tournament teams.
This spring he continues to compete at the varsity level for the Indian baseball team where he has already garnered Central Kansas all-league, all-area team, and Class 4A all-state honors the past year. He was a member of the LHS team which tied for third at the state tournament in Topeka.
Evan’s competitive spirit, his drive to constantly improve, and his love of the game has garnered him a baseball scholarship to Friends University next year and make him an ideal choice for the April Spotlight in Athletics.

Wyatt Davis, sr.
Good leaders are not born. They develop through a never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. Good leaders also have a desire to inspire others into higher levels of teamwork and are continually working to improve their leadership skills.
Wyatt fits the bill of a person who wishes to influence others, by either encouragement or by example, to accomplish a common goal. Those who wish to serve do so by putting others first by giving of their time in order that they can be positive contributors in the community in which they live. By being a member of National Honor Society for the past two years and a member of FCA, Wyatt gladly gives his time to both LHS and the Larned community.
Whether it’s loading a van with recycling, remaining positive during an injury sustained on the football team, or making a person smile with his quirky personality, Wyatt recognizes the value of serving others and is very deserving of the April Spotlight in Leadership/Service.