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LHS captures tennis tournament
No. 1 doubles team, No. 2 singles place first
nick orth tennis
Larneds Nick Orth hits a shot during a match recently at the Larned Tennis Tournament. The No. 1 doubles team of Orth and David Thomson won their division by winning three matches. They avenged a recent loss to Kaylan Olivas and Grady Jacobs of Southwestern Heights with a 7-4 victory. - photo by Janet Fleske Special to the News


LARNED — Larned High’s tennis team captured first place in the Larned Invitational Tennis Tournament behind No. 2 singles Dalton Penka and No. 1 doubles Nick Orth and David Thomson. Larned scored 25 points to beat Ulysses (12) and Southwestern Heights (12).
Penka won all three matches at No. 2 singles. No. 1 doubles Orth and Thomson won all three matches, avenging a recent loss to Kaylan Olivas and Grady Jacobs of Southwestern Heights with a 7-4 victory.
No. 1 singles D.J. Mead finished runner-up with a 2-1 record, but avenged a loss to Ulysses’ Ryan Anthony with a 7-6 (7-5) tiebreaker. No. 2 doubles Cadin Limon and Kobe Kraisinger finished runner-up with a 2-1 record. Larned’s junior varsity players also competed.     
“We placed first as a team at our home meet, played much better and are continuing to improve,” said Larned coach Mark Lessard. “All 11 of our players played.”

ELLSWORTH TOURNAMENT — At Ellsworth, Larned placed sixth with 21 points. No. 2 singles Dalton Penka placed third. No. 1 singles D.J. Mead finished sixth. No. 1 doubles Orth and Thomson and No. 2 doubles Limon and Kraisinger placed seventh.
“It was our first meet of the year,” Lessard said. “We showed we have a young team and placed sixth.”
Sterling scored 59 points to edge Central Plains (57) for first place.
Sterling’s Kyler Comley captured No. 1 singles with a 8-3 victory over Central Plains’ Michael Ryan, a Class 3A doubles state runner-up last season.
Sterling’s William Weiner captured No. 2 singles with an 8-2 victory over Ellsworth’s Sam Keener.
Oilers Brady Rugan and Devin Ryan won the No. 1 doubles division with an 8-4 victory over Hoisington’s Cameron Davis and Austin McHenry.
Oilers Kade Beck and Brett Liebl captured the No. 2 doubles division with an 8-1 victory over Sterling’s Brett Riffel and Jakob Banke.

CIMARRON TOURNAMENT — At Cimarron, No. 2 singles Dalton Penka and No. 1 doubles Orth and Thomson placed first by winning a tiebreaker with Meade and Southwestern Heights to advance to the finals. Penka won all three matches. Orth and Thomson won two of three matches.
“We played much better with a lot more intensity,” Lessard said.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Larned 25; 2. (tie) Ulysses 12, SW Heights 12; 4. Larned JV-Ulysses 4.
No. 1 singles—D.J. Mead, Larned def. Ryan Anthony, Ulysses, 7-6 (7-5); Mead def. Rob Evans, SWH, 7-0; Braden Deyoe, Ulysses def. Mead, 7-0.
No. 2 singles—Dalton Penka, Larned def. Jose Espinosa, SWH, 7-1; Penka def. Trey Paul, Ulysses, 7-1; Penka def. Max Easley, Larned, 7-3; Paul, Ulysses def. Easley, 7-3; Easley def. Espinosa, SWH, 7-3.
No. 1 doubles—Nick Orth-David Thomson, Larned, def. Kaylan Olivas-Grady Jacobs, SWH, 7-4; Orth-Thomson def. Roger Dillon-James Gandhi, Ulysses, 7-4; Orth-Thomson def. Trevor Coulson-Brandon Perez, Larned, 7-0; Olivas-Jacobs, SWH def. Coulson-Perez, 7-1; Dillon-Gandhi, Ulysses def. Coulson-Perez, 7-0,  
No. 2 doubles—Manuel Puentes-Madie Angell, SWH def.Cadin Limon-Kobe Kraisinger, Larned, 7-4; Limon-Kraisinger def. Brandon Barbo-Levi Geisaking, Ulysses, 7-0; Limon-Kraisinger def. Alexi DeFrance-Nils Hoffmann, Larned, 7-0; Puentes-Angell, SWH def. Defrance-Hoffmann, 7-0; Barbo-Giesaking, Ulysses def. Defrance-Hoffmann, 7-0.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Sterling 59; 2. Central Plains 57; 3. Hoisington 45; 4. Salina South 40; 5. Ellsworth 36; 6. Larned 21; 7. Ellinwood 20; 8. Chapman 2
No. 1 singles—First place—Kyler Comley, Sterling def. Michael Ryan, Central Plains, 8-3
3rd place—J.D. Warren, SS def. Joey Oberle, Ellsworth, 8-5
5th place—Jacob Satterlee, Hoisington def. D.J. Mead, Larned, 8-0
7th place—Lake Lyman, Ellinwood def. Ethan Blixt, Chapman, 8-4
Second round—Ryan, CP def. Oberle, Ellsworth, 8-5; Comley, Sterling def. Warren, SS, 8-0; Satterlee, HHS def. Blixt, Chapman, 8-0; Mead, Larned def. Lyman, Ellinwood, 8-1
Consolation—Warren, SS def. Satteree, HHs, 8-4; Oberle, Ellsworth def. Mead, Larned, 8-3
First round—Ryan, CP def. Blixt, Chapman, 8-0; Oberle, Ellsworth def. Satterlee, HHs, 8-5; Comley, Sterling def. Lyman, Ellinwood, 8-0; Warren, SS def. Mead, Larned, 8-1.
No. 2 singles—First place—William Weiner, Sterling def. Sam Keener, Ellsworth, 8-2
3rd place—Dalton Penka, Larned def. Kirk Reisner, Hoisington, 8-3
5th place—Paden Smith, Salina South def. Colton Potts, Central Plains, 8-3
7th place—Matt Balley, Chapman def. Keaton Robl, Ellinwood, 8-4
Second round—Keener, Ellsworth def. Reisner, HHS, 8-3; Weiner, Sterling def. Penka, Larned, 8-2; Smith, SS def. Robl, Ellinwood, 8-2; Potts, CP def. Balley, Chapman, 8-5
Consolation—Penka, Larned def. Smith, SS, 8-4; Reisner, HHS def. Potts, CP, 8-1
First round—Keener, Ellsworth def. Robl, Ellinwood, 8-0; Reisner, HHS def. Smith, SS, 8-3; Weiner, Sterling def. Ballay, Chapman, 9-0; Penka, Larned def. Potts, CP, 8-0
No. 1 doubles—First place—Brady Rugan-Devin Ryan, Central Plains def. Cameron Davis-Austin McHenry, Hoisington, 8-4
3rd place—Gavin Allis-Caleb Dougherty, Salina South def. Max Fullbright-Ed Weiner, Sterling, 8-3
5th place—Eric Jones-Dylan Elsen, Ellinwood def. Branden Kerr-Colby Kraus, Ellsworth, 8-2
7th place—David Thomson-Nick Orth, Larned def. Colin Henderson-Chris Lockwood, Chapman, 8-4
Second round—Rugan-Ryan, CP def. Allis-Dougherty, SS, 8-5; Davis-McHenry, HHS def. Fullbright-Weiner, Sterling, 8-2; Jones-Elsen, Ellinwood def. Henderson-Lockwood, Chapman, 8-0; Kerr-Kraus, Ellsworth def. Thomson-Orth, Larned, 8-6
Consolation—Fullbright-Weiner, Sterling def. Jones-Elsen, Ellinwood, 8-3; Allis-Dougherty, SS def. Kerr-Kraus, Ellsworth, 8-2
First round—Rugan-Ryan, CP def. Henderson-Lockwood, Chapman, 8-0; Allis-Dougherty, SS def. Jones-Elsen, Ellinwood, 8-5; Davis-McHenry, HHS def. Thomson-Orth, Larned, 8-2; Fullbright-Weiner, Sterling def. Kerr-Kraus, Ellsworth, 8-2
No. 2 doubles—First place—Kade Beck-Brett Liebl, Central Plains def. Brett Riffel-Jakob Banke, Sterling, 8-1  
3rd place—Jared Curtis-Cameron Knapp, Hoisington def. Jacob Kasselman-Alex Robl, Ellinwood, 8-3
5th place—Alex Maxwell-Jaxson Windholz, Ellsworth def. Noah Endreshak-Eli Truhe, SS, 8-7
7th place—Cadin Limon-Kobe Kraisinger, Larned def. Jacob Darsow-Ethan Bryan, Chapman, 8-2
Second round—Beck-Liebl, CP def. Curtis-Knapp, HHS, 8-4; Riffel-Banke, Sterling def. Kasselman-Robl, Ellinwood, 8-7 (7-5); Maxwell-Windholz, Ellsworth def. Limon-Kraisinger, Larned, 8-1; Endreshak-Truhe, SS def. Darsaw-Bryan, Chapman, 8-3
Consolation—Kasselman-Robl, Ellinwood def. Endreshak-Truhe, SS, 8-3; Curtis-Knapp, HHS def. Maxwell-Windholz, Ellsworth, 8-2  
First round—Beck-Liebl, CP def. Darsow-Bryan, Chapman, 8-1; Curtis-Knapp, HHS def. Endreshak-Truhe, SS, 8-5; Riffel-Banke, Sterling def. Limon-Kraisinger, Larned, 8-4; Kasselman-Robl, Ellinwood def. Endreshak-Truhe, SS, 8-5  

TEAM SCORES—1. Ulysses 31; 2. Larned 27; 3. Meade 19; 4. Kiowa-South Barber 17; 5. SW Heights 10; 6 Cimarron 0.
No. 1 singles—2. D.J. Mead, L, def. Rob Evans, SWH, 6-0; Mead def. Gatlin Clawson, Meade 6-3; Ryan Anthony, Ulysses def. Mead, 6-4
No. 2 singles—1. Dalton Penka, L, def. Jose Espinosa, SWH, 6-0; Penka def. Jagger Borth, 6-1; Penka def. Trey Paul, Ulysses, 6-0.
No. 1 doubles—1. Nick Orth-David Thomson, L, def. Finlay-Davalos, Meade, 6-4; Kaylan Olivas-Grady Jacobs, SWH, def. Orth-Thomson, 7-5; Orth-Thomson def. Scott-Devoe, Ulysses, 6-2.
No. 2 doubles—Cadin Limon, Max Easley, def. Puentes-Angell, SWH, 6-3; Dewell-Elliot, Meade def. Limon-Easley, 6-0; Cloyd-Hoch, South Barber def. Limon-Easley, 6-3.