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LHS May Spotlight students chosen
paw jm spotlight
Larned chose its may Spotlight students from left, Kolby Keith, Jessica Gobin, Marley Palmer and Wyatt Davis. - photo by Janet Fleske Special to the Tribune

LARNED — Larned High School selected its final monthly award winners for Spotlight recognition.

Kolby Keith, so.
Recognizing the need to improve is a good quality in any situation.  In the athletic arena, it is imperative if those athletes want to reach their athletic potential.  
During the LHS football season, Kolby displayed a strong will to committing himself to getting better each and every day.
As Coach Kingsbury revealed, “I don’t know if there was a more consistent guy than Kolby, especially when it came to just working hard no matter the circumstances.”  
Kolby is also dedicated to the winter weights program and was just one spot away from placing overall for total weight lifted at the state powerlifting meet.  
In track this year, Kolby has gotten faster and jumped farther at every meet and has placed in two relays, the 100-meter dash, and long jump in each meet.  
Because of his determination in reaching his athletic potential through hard work and persistence, Kolby is a quality choice for the May Spotlight in Athletics.
Jessica Gobin, sr.
Fine Arts
A good drama production requires the commitment and dedication of every actor in every part, no matter how small or how large.  
Beginning as a background actor, then as a mummy with limited lines, to a ditsy girlfriend of a thug, to the lead role as the mistress of a creepy house, Jessie has accepted every role with grace and has performed them with enthusiasm and professionalism.  
Knowing that all actors must pay their dues and willing to make a positive contribution to the LHS drama department, Jessie has definitely earned the right as the May Spotlight in Fine Arts.

Marley Palmer, sr.
Marley palmer works extremely hard to maintain her academic standing.  Being very involved at LHS and possessing the needed self-discipline, Marley has mastered the art of time management in order to reach academic excellence.   
She goes above and beyond in order to insure that she does her work completely and is willing to help her classmates with difficult concepts and assignments.  
Willing to ask for help and direction when needed reveals the true mark of a student dedicated to the learning itself.  This commitment to academic excellence has resulted in a 4.0 G.P.A., president of National Honor Society, and recognition as a Kansas Honor Scholar.  Therefore, Marley truly deserves the May Spotlight in Academics.
Wyatt Davis, jr.
When Wyatt knows that something needs to be done, he gets to work at completing the task without ever being specifically asked to do it.  
Good natured and good humored,  Wyatt is a person who extends a helping hand because it’s an extension of who he is.
 Wyatt maintains a positive, upbeat attitude and likes to have fun even in those mundane and dirty jobs, such as mopping the movie theater, cleaning the concession stand, mowing the courtyard, or cleaning up after prom.  
He is generous in the classroom, working with others who may be struggling with concepts that he understands until they, too, understand what is needed in order to succeed in the classroom.  
His unselfish and positive attitude in everything that he does makes this student a clear choice for the May Spotlight in Leadership/Service.