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Little creatures sound like duendes
A Woman's View
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Several columns ago I wrote about the little “creatures” that live behind my baseboards who steal things, like my earrings and glasses. Remember?
I received a letter from a gentleman of 78 years young who totally related to this column. He assured me that the little people are very real, very old, and the cause of most of our problems!
While living in New Mexico, Gerry Facklan was a docent involved in restoring a Spanish village south of Santa Fe.
He discovered a diary written by a housewife during the 1700s relating the same problems that I shared in the column.
She called the perpetrators, “duendes” and said they lived in her (mud) floor. “Duende” means imp, goblin, elf, or mischievous child.
When she wasn’t looking, they would sneak up and move or hide things in her kitchen. Rolling pins, brooms, sifters, salt jars, loom paddles were only a few of the items mentioned.
Gerry noticed that those duendes must have hidden in his luggage when he moved back to Great Bend, because they are still around. They not only hide things from him, they sometimes zap him with forgetfulness. When this happens, he can’t remember if he is coming or going or what!
Yes! I identify.
I recently ran down to the basement to get “it”, and when I got there, I had no idea why I was there. Upon backtracking up the stairs and into my original position in front of the sink, I remembered. Those duendes are definitely around!
Gerry went on to remark that his friends have stopped coming over, because those little people are sneaking home with them, and causing the friends to forget things as well.
Gerry does add that we should remember — if any of these things are happening at your house — It isn’t your fault. The duendes did it!. The letter in its entirety was hilarious.
Then, while reading the news several days ago, Fred came upon an unusual article.
It seems that a Norwegian golf club according to an article, relates that the Stavanger Golf Club in Stavanger, Norway, has been beset by an unknown, pants-dropping menace for the last decade.
As the story goes, the club began finding “evidence” in cups around the course in 2005. The bombing of said cups has since continued in earnest despite added security measures, including the installation of flood lights around some of the perpetrator’s preferred landing areas.
I researched this on the Internet just to verify its veracity. Type in “Stavanger Golf Club prank.”
This unidentified assailant, known only as “Drideron” has left his calling card many times.
“We assume that this person is a male.” Kenneth Tennfjord said. “What we find is far too massive to come from a lady.” OK?
It seems that this escapade has been going on at this golf course for quite a while and no one has been able to catch him, effectively making this person the night crawler of cup-pooping.
They are very serious. It has become a major problem. The golfers of Norway can’t rest easy, knowing that after any given putt, they may reach in the hole and retrieve much more than their ball.
The mysterious “cup pooper” has successfully deactivated the night-light system so the perpetrator has some electric knowledge.
The club has petitioned the government for a night surveillance camera to possibly identify the perpetrator, but has been turned down.
It seems that the Norwegian government protects the common citizen more than the greatest democracy in the world. Us.
And so it goes.
Life is interesting, isn’t it?

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