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Pawnee Valley Hospital reports to Pawnee Co.
kathy bowman
Pawnee County commissioner Kathy Bowman

LARNED — The Pawnee County Commission met at 9 a.m. April 18 for a regular meeting. Pawnee County commissioners Kathy Bowman; Donna Pelton; and Gary Caplinger, chair, were present. The following are approved minutes submitted by Pawnee County clerk Ruth Searight.
Robin Rziha, Pawnee County health administrator, and Jaicee Walker, student observer. Rhiza informed the commissioners that she had visited with Richard VonFeldt, VonFeldt, Bauer and VonFeldt, regarding how to track budget better on interim report. She worked with County Clerk Ruth Searight and had a solution, and had Richard look at it for his approval. He approved. Rziha asked it what she show them was approved by them, and they approved.
Commissioners mentioned a possible person to serve a term on the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation Board. Mark Lessard will visit with the individual, and get back with them.
Searight gave the commissioners the following for their review/approval — draft minutes of April 11, 2016; Health Department revised interim report; copy of Kearney and Associates contract for renewal decision; agenda; need for a new appointment of Bond Compliance Officer when John Hughes, administrator, leaves; change orders No. 2015-180, 181 and 182; payroll; and payables.
• Commissioners approved and signed checks for payroll and payables.
• Commissioners read, corrected and approved minutes of April 11, 2016.
• Commissioners approved and signed change orders No. 2015-180, 181 and 182.
John Settle, Pawnee County attorney, gave an update on the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital. He discussed the Kearney and Associates contract for renewal.
10:50 a.m.—Kurt Demel, Pawnee County highway administrator, discussed work safety policies. He discussed the possibly $40,000 salt storage building with the city.
Demel discussed the needed new truck for approximately $100,000.
Ruth Searight, County Clerk. Reviewed the hold checks that have been printed for our needed encumbrances. Discussed a possible lease/purchase for equipment. Discussed the 20 year old phone system that was down this past weekend.
Commissioners sorted through the mail.
Settle further discussed the Larned City/Pawnee County salt storage contract. Settle further discussed the Kearney and Associates renewal.
Settle will visit with Larned City regarding both matters.
11:55 a.m.—An executive session was requested, 15 minutes, for attorney/client privilege.
1:30 p.m.—Discussed a Zoning Meeting tonight, and Commissioners will not be able to attend.
2 p.m.—PVCH monthly update. John Haas, PVCH Board Member, John Hughes, PVCH Administrator, John Settle, County Attorney, and via telephone, Shea Veach, HaysMed Sr. Vice President, and Andy Beck, HaysMed Comptroller.
Beck informed them that they had a strong March month, and proceeded to give the Financials for March. Thursday, they will be starting the budget process for next year.
Veach gave update on Administrator search, and they have had 24 applicants.
Discussed other hospital business.
3 p.m.—Denise Wood, Adult/Juvenile DOC Director. Gave updates on the Grants and the numbers.
Reviewed the 2017 Comprehensive Plan and Budget.
Discussed the Conditions of the Grant.
Commissioners approved and signed for the Grants.
Commissioners went to the Appraiser Office, to Congratulate Tina Keeler on passing her test, and is now has been Qualified and Certified as  Registered Mass Appraiser.
3:35 p.m.—The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting was scheduled Monday, April 25 at 9 a.m.