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Punkin' Chunkin' featured at Tired Iron Show
Saturday and Sunday events
Punkin Chunkin
COURTESY PHOTO Stephen Schartz has built a launching mechanism with an engineering design called a Trebuchet to propel pumpkins into the air at the Santa Fe Trail Center Tired Iron Show.

LARNED — Fall is not the only thing in the air! 
Soon hundreds of pumpkins will be loaded and fired across an empty field at the Santa Fe Trail Center.  This informal competition will be a part of the fun for guests at the Santa Fe Trail Tired Iron Show Saturday and Sunday. 
Punkin’ Chunkin’ continues to be brought back by popular demand and is now featured on both days of the show.  Participate at 3:15 p.m. Saturday or 1:30 p.m. Sunday. 
Each child chooses a pumpkin and everyone cheers as it is sent flying. You are welcome to make it less informal if someone volunteers to stand way out in the pasture and measure distances.
The launching mechanism may resemble a catapult, however it is an engineering design called a Trebuchet (Tray-boo-shay).  The medieval history of the machine is interesting but not as fascinating as the history of the creation brought to the Tired Iron Show by Stephen Schartz.  His entire family has been involved since seeing a show about trebuchets on TV and then went about the challenge of seeing if they could build one.  They have had a lot of fun experimenting with other objects to be launched such as a milk jug filled with water and a concrete ball.
Punkin’ Chunkin’ is sponsored by Ward Feed Yard, professional cattle feeders of Larned.
By sponsoring special events, teams and local fund raisers, Ward Feed Yard is committed to supporting their community.  As a large buyer of grain, hay and local services, Ward’s is a major contributor to our local economy.  With a payroll of over $3 million annually, the company is the largest non-government employer in Pawnee County.  Because of the strong work ethic and dedication of their employees Ward Feed Yard is recognized as one of the top feeding companies in the country.
 The pumpkins are being supplied by DeVore Farms.  A person’s first pumpkin is free and additional pumpkins cost $1.  The Tired Iron Show is scheduled at the Santa Fe Trail Center, west of Larned on K-156.  For information call 620-285-2054 or check the web site