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Rendezvous 2012 entertains guests
paw jm Rendezvous 2012 at village site
Courtesy photo Leo Oliva from Stockton explains the significance of the Cheyenne and Sioux Indian Village destroyed by General Hancocks Army in 1867, for 200 visitors who attended the Rendezvous 2012. General Hancocks army marched 32 miles from Fort Larned the morning of April 15, 1867 to find the village deserted. The burning of the village sparked what came to be known as Hancocks War.

LARNED — Rendezvous 2012, a history seminar sponsored by the Santa Fe Trail Center, Fort Larned National Historic Site and the Santa Fe Trail Association.
“Santa Fe Trail Characters-Rendezvous on the Road” was the theme for Rendezvous 2012 at Fort Larned.
Interpretations of people who helped shape the history of the Santa Fe Trail were depicted.
Matt Reed spoke on how the Native American population was affected on the Santa Fe Trail.
Santa Fe Trail travelers William Becknell (Allen Wheeler), Julia Archibald Holmes (Ann Birney) and Pedro Sandoval (David Sandoval) were featured speakers.
At Pawnee Rock State Historic Site, Santa Fe Trail Travelers Kit Carson (John Carson); and Marion Sloan Russell (Inez Ross);  and Frederick Hawn (Steve Brosemer) related their experiences. Several guests were inducted into the Santa Fe Trail Hall of Fame.
Featured speakers also included James Kirker (by Dr. Hal Jackson); Maria de la Luz Beaubien Maxwell (by Dorothy Smoker); and J.B. “Wild Bill” Hickock (by Mark Berry).
A tour at the Cheyenne and Sioux Indian Village, featured Leo Oliva’s presentation, “The Hancock Expedition of 1867 and the Cheyenne and Sioux Village on Pawnee Fork.”
“Ned Wynkoop’s Fight to Save the Cheyenne-Lakota Village on Pawnee Fork” was presented by Louis Kraft.
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