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Santa Fe Trail Center hopes to win $2,500 from Monsanto Fund
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If you farm 250 acres or more, of corn, soybeans and/or vegetables, in Pawnee County, you are being asked to pick up a registration form or enter online — in the Monsanto Fund’s American’s Farmers GROW COMMUNITIES.

Communities will receive $2,500 each from the fund, i.e. one eligible nonprofit organization in Pawnee County will receive $2,500. It is up to county farmers to help decide where it goes. Supporters of the Santa Fe Trail Center hope it will be chosen. To enter online, go to Or, the forms are available at the SFTC. Deadline to register is Dec. 31, 2010.

When a farmer registers, $1 is automatically donated to the local United Way for food banks, food pantries or Meals on Wheels.

After all entries are received, a drawing will be held, so more entries equates to more chances of the Santa Fe Trail Center being drawn, SFTC supporters point out.

Eligible nonprofit organizations can hope and campaign for the award, including those that provide activities that help youth. The SFTC, a supporter pointed out, has activities for young people, including special events and school tours.