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Welcome Inn What Nots
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Activities Oct. 7-Oct. 13
Blood Pressure check — Monday 11:30 a.m. We all need to know.
Coffee Time — Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. Bring food to share or just show up.
Hand Waxing — Tuesday, Thursday, 11 a.m. Under the supervision of Byron Stilts.
Hearing Aide Service - Wednesday - 1-3 p.m. Are you missing what people are saying?
Diabetes Support — Thursday 7 p.m. Everyone is invited.
Mexican Train (dominoes) game. Every day following lunch. Come play with us.
The Welcome Inn is located at 113 W. 4th. Any questions — call The Welcome Inn, 285-3504.

Friday — Dorothy Fox, David Buster

Interesting Trivia
• Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined.
• Astronauts can’t belch — there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs.
• Ancient Roman, Chinese and German societies often used urine as mouthwash.
• Because of the speed at which Earth moves around the Sun, it is impossible for a solar eclipse to last more than 7 minutes and 58 seconds.