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Youngster's essay focuses on safety
Hunter Fitzpatrick

By Hunter Fitzpatrick

Larned Middle School

If I were mayor, I would work to improve the recreational experiences for the citizens of Larned. I would place a greater emphasis on safety of all citizens and work hard to communicate with the youth of our city. 

First, I would inform the city council of my wishes to have clean, safe, and well maintained recreational facilities.  I would also like to see more family oriented offerings in recreation. We would need to take a look at the budget to find areas where we could implement cost cutting measures to be able to enhance our current recreational facilities and offerings.

Safety is another one of my top priorities. I would like to see an effort to make sure all intersections in the city limits are free of debris and obstructions.

We have a major highway running through the middle of our city.  This brings about a division that children have a hard time crossing safely. I would work to secure funds to build a walkway that would go over the highway so that everyone could have a safe way to connect to the other side of town.

The final thing that I would like to implement is a way for the youth to be able to connect with me and the other council members.  I would have a question-and-answer assembly each year with each school in town. This would open up communication with the youth.

The most important idea is that we work together as one town.