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Programs to help older workers find employment
Great Bend Senior Center

September 18-23, is National Employ Older Workers Week  and the Older Kansans Employment Program can help seniors find job opportunities during sessions from 10-11 a.m. on Wednesdays at the Great Bend Senior Center, 2005 Kansas St.

According to a news release form the OKEP, this is an excellent way to review open job opportunities for those 55 and older and discuss one’s abilities, and see in detail what this program has to offer. The OKEP Specialist can assist with online applications, resume development, pre-interview assistance and basic computer training. 

The current demand for labor is at the highest point it has been in many years. To meet this demand, businesses are offering a variety of hiring incentives to attract workers and are looking at hiring older workers, the OKEP notes. Hiring older workers can bring intergenerational diversity to business along with a diverse range of views, skills and approaches that can be helpful in solving problems and brainstorming and may increase productivity.

 As an added bonus, older workers statistically have less turnover than their younger counterparts, the agency notes. Employee retention can be critical, especially for small businesses that have limited resources for recruiting and hiring new employees. 

For those unable to attend an OKEP job meeting at the Great Bend Senior Center may call 620-793-6633 and make an appointment to review opportunities at a different time. 

OKEP is a department of the SouthWest Kansas Area Agency on Aging, 236 San Jose Dr., Dodge City, Kan.