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Progress profile: Stephen McAnulla
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Name and title: Stephen McAnulla Photography & Portrait Studio, 2009 16th St. Great Bend, KSĀ  67530
How long have you been there? Since August 2015 at this location. I have been in photography since April 2012
Hobbies: Photography, Musician/vocalist, Lead guitar

What first drew you to this industry/community involvement?
I was a member of several bands. While in the bands I started doing graphic art to promote the band. After 15 years of being a graphic artist, I developed my skills in photography. Photography is my passion.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?
The moment that you capture a perfect picture, and you realize it before the camera even flashes. You know it is going to be special. It is like throwing a bowling ball and before it even reaches the pins, you know that you have thrown a strike. The second part is the editing. I get instant gratification from the taking of the picture and then another kind of gratification while editing, which is refining the image. While editing there is a process where you realize you have hit a peak and no more changes need to be made or the art will lose its impression.

How has it changed since you first began/what changes do you anticipate in the next 5-10 years?
I had no idea how to become a photographer, and I am learning and mastering my craft every day. I had to learn how to bring a shy person out of their shell, or make a child feel comfortable with a huge camera. I had to learn how to be more delicate while I edited an image. In the future I would like to be more creative with the photographs, and have more people wanting their portraits to be treasured works of art that encompass the individuals, rather than just a photograph hanging on a wall. I would like my business to grow!