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Public hearing set for waning trailer in GB
unsafe trailer house
A public hearing has been set to determine if this trailer home at 214 Locust is unsafe.

Noting the collapsing, ramshackle mobile home at 214 Locust is an eyesore and a health hazard, the Great Bend City Council Tuesday night set a public hearing for 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 6, at City Hall to determine if it should be deemed an unsafe structure. 

Building Officials Logan Burns conducted a visual inspection of a house, said Code Enforcement Supervisor Art Keffer. During his inspection, Burns noted the south side of the structure has all the siding missing leaving only the studs on the exterior. 

“l recommend the City Council to take appropriate action to repair or remove the structure,” Burn said in his report. He noted that it failed to meet the city’s Uniform Housing Code.

On the west side, two windows are out and there is a large hole in the siding that is open to the environment. The north side of the structure shows similar damage to the south side in that the siding is missing in all areas but the northeast corner. 

The north side also shows “X” bracing that is damaged along the entire length of the trailer. The windows and doors are missing out of this side. 

The roof on the mobile home does not appear to be in place in the middle third of the mobile home and is open to the elements, Keffer said. The interior of the mobile home appears to be completely gutted. 

It appears demolition was started by the property owner, but progress seems to have stopped and “is leaving the mobile home in an unsafe condition,” he said.