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Is this our last chance?
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Yesterday, I watched the news story of the fire in the middle of the flood in New York City.  It was amazing that such a destructive fire could function in the middle of a storm and flood.  But, what really caught my attention was a statement that was made at the end of the story.  “We are strong. We will rebuild.”  Why?
A little while back, I wrote of the Harbingers, the impending judgment on America for its immorality and its shedding of innocent blood.  That stemmed from a Bible verse that was even read in Congress right after the 9/11 tragedy.  It reads, “The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.” (Isaiah 9:10)  If you read the context around this verse, this is a statement of rebellion against God by putting trust in our own strength rather than turning to God’s strength in repentance.
Since 9/11 we have seen in unprecedented string of disasters come against America.  I believe they are God’s attempt to get our attention because of our rampant immorality, our shedding of innocent blood and our turning against Israel.
Several things happen when God brings judgment against a nation.  The first group often happens simultaneously.  The hedge of protection that the nation has is removed by an attack from outside the nation.  Then the nation becomes terrorized.  
If the nation survives the attack, it has a choice to consider.  Do we repent and turn to God or do we rebuild by our own strength?   If the later is chosen, as we did, there will be about seven years of relative calm when the nation has time to act out its decision.  This is due to the principal of the Sabbath Year established by God in the Old Testament.
If the nation chooses to rebuild by its own strength, then a second string of judgments occurs.  What we have experienced in this string is an unprecedented series of natural disasters and attacks on our economy.  We are in this round.  If it does not bring repentance, then a third round of judgment starts.  This round is often fatal to a nation.
Can this be stopped?  Yes!  What God is asking of us is to return to Him.  We are still one of only two nations in history that began with a covenant with God.  This fact alone changes how God deals with us compared to other nations.
Of late there have been several Christian churches and organizations calling for prayer and fasting for this election.  This is great, but it cannot stop there.  We need national spiritual revival.  Based on past experience, this will take about 20 years to complete.  
God is a God of mercy.  However, there are conditions in His Word to receiving that mercy.  Are we willing to meet those conditions?
Frank Clark, author of the column “Frankly Speaking,” is a retired Christian school teacher and principal. His e-mail address is