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Stan Bryant speaks at Aglow Saturday
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Great Bend Aglow Lighthouse will meet Saturday at Perkins Restaurant.
Coffee and social time begins at 9 a.m. and the meeting begins at 9:30.
The speaker will be Stan Bryant from Rozel.
Except for five years in a Christian college, Stan has always lived in the Rozel/Burdett area.
In March of 1985 Stan began to pastor the Rozel Christian Fellowship.
He became interested in the creation/evolution debate after attending a seminar in college on the scientific evidence for a world-wide flood.
For the first time in his life he heard an interpretation of the scientific evidence that supported the Biblical account. His struggle to mesh evolutionary teaching from the public school with what he had learned at church was over. Stan realized that evolution was not an accurate interpretation of all of the scientific evidence.
Stan’s power-point presentation will show the fallacy that dinosaurs have been extinct for about 70 million years before man arrived on the scene. In fact a better question would be: are dinosaurs really extinct? You will see and hear scientific evidence that man and dinosaurs have lived at the same time, and a few could still be alive!
Men and women are welcome.
Bring your children or grandchildren along!