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Representative Straub carries HB 2464
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Rep. Alicia Straub carried her first bill, HB 2464, on behalf of the Agriculture Committee on Tuesday. Straub represents Dist. 113, which includes a portion of Barton County, as well as portions of Stafford, Pratt, Pawnee and Rice counties.

TOPEKA —  Tuesday, Feb. 25, Representative Alicia Straub (Ellinwood) carried House Bill 2464 on the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives, where it was advanced to final action on a voice vote. The bill will have a recorded vote tomorrow to send it on to the Kansas Senate.  

HB 2464 amends K.S.A. 2019 Supp. 2-2510 to clarify the circumstances under which repacked eggs may be graded as grade B or higher than grade B.  This change aligns the Kansas provision with the current USDA regulation. 

“It was an honor and a privilege to be selected by the Agriculture Committee to put these eggs in my basket and carry house bill 2464 as my first bill,” Straub stated.  “I didn’t break any in the process, but if I had they would be more easily repacked by retailers thanks to this bill.”  

Rep. Straub is serving in her first term as a Representative in the Kansas House of Representatives.