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Republican candidates listed for Barton County precincts
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The following individuals have registered at the Barton County Clerk’s Office for the positions of precinct committeeman or committeewoman in the Republican party. The list shows the precinct name, committeeman, committeewoman.

Great Bend 1P-1W, James J. Briel, No Filings
Great Bend 2P-1W, Kenneth J. Link, No Filings
Great Bend 3P-1W, Paul A. Jacobs, Lori Anne Jacobs
Great Bend 1P-2W, Perry Schuetz, Nancy Schuetz
Great Bend 2P-2W, William Eckels, Kimberly Eckels
Great Bend 3P-2W, Robert A. Parrish, Mary Kottmann
Great Bend 1P-3W, David R. Holste, Susan L. Holste
Great Bend 2P-3W, Richard Johnson, Marcia Johnson
Great Bend 3P-3W, Ken Roberts, Diana Roberts
Great Bend 1P-4W, Richard Friedeman, Janis E. Friedeman
Great Bend 2P-4W, Loren Dyke, Marilyn Dyke
Great Bend 3P-4W, No Filings
Hoisington 1st Ward, No Filings
Hoisington 2nd Ward, No Filings, Melissa Brack Nech
Hoisington 3rd Ward, No Filings
Hoisington 4th Ward, No Filings, Kathleen D. McGinnis
Albion Twp,  Wesley E. Radcliffe, No Filings
Beaver Twp, Leonard Moeder, Linda Moeder
Buffalo Twp, Mark Calcara, No Filings
Cheyenne Twp, John Bogner, Juanita Bogner
Clarence Twp, No Filings
Cleveland Twp, Jack Willenberg, No Filings
Comanche Twp, James Stevens, Pam Wornkey
Eureka Twp, No Filings, Shelly R. Schneider
Fairview Twp, No Filings
Grant Twp, No Filings                 
Great Bend Twp A, Richard A. Ball, Beverly P. Komarek
Great Bend Twp B, Keith Beckwith, Oleta Beckwith
North Homestead Twp, Gene Manweiler, Mary Anne Stoskopf
South Homestead Twp, Terry Radenberg, Kyle Radenberg    
Independent Twp, Mark Connell, Kim Connell
Lakin Twp, No Filings, Cathrine R. Strecker
Liberty Twp, No Filings
Logan Twp, No Filings
Pawnee Rock Twp, Earl Allen Scmidt, Charlotte J. Schmidt
South Bend Twp, David H. Smith, Heather L. Smith
Union Twp, No Filings
Walnut Albert Twp, Richard D. Elmore, No Filings
Walnut Olmitz Twp, No Filings    
Wheatland Twp, No Filing