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Republican Party releases initial caucus results
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TOPEKA — The Kansas Republican Presidential Caucus was conducted Saturday at 201 sites in Kansas and one in St. Louis.
The Kansas Republican Party released the initial results Saturday evening, “after a long day of incredible turnout.” The official statement also expressed thanks to volunteers and to voters, and to Senator Jerry Moran’s campaign team for supporting caucus efforts.
The numbers below are initial and subject to change as provisional and advanced ballots are added to the totals. The delegate count, which is the end product of this process, is unlikely to change; any change would at most be one up or down.  
Over 81,000 people sought to vote in the Kansas Republican Caucus. The turnout in 2012 was about 30,000.  Some locations saw an increase of 4 to 5 times their 2012 turnout.  
The statewide initial results:
Cruz:      35,207
Trump:   17,062
Rubio:    12,189
Kasich:     7,795
Carson:       511
Bush:            78
Fiorina:         32
Uncommitted:  242
Provisional Ballots: 6,200:  These will be moved to the state party office from caucus sites and the staff will determine which of these ballots should be counted and added to the initial numbers. Provisional ballots usually break out the same as counted votes.
Absentee Ballots: 3,014 advanced ballot were requested and sent out. Approximately 500 have been returned with many more expected in the next week. The cutoff was to be post marked on or before March 5. These ballots will be counted this week.
St. Louis Operation: About 600 votes cast. They will be returned to the Topeka office and counted this week.
Delegate Allocation: Kansas has 40 delegates total. Without going through the details of our allocation formula, here is the unofficial delegate allocation:  
Cruz:   24 delegates
Trump:  9 delegates
Rubio:    6 delegates
Kasich:   1 delegate
Going Forward:  These numbers will be reviewed closely and the vote totals for the provisional, absentee, and St. Louis numbers will be added to these totals and any modification to the delegate allocation will be made. Party members expect to have the final results within the next two weeks.