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Rezoning helps ag business
Company expanding into area
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A zoning amendment approved the Barton County Commission Wednesday morning will pave the way for a agricultural product sales company to expand into the area. The request was made by Polzin Land LLC, and Tim Garth, who owns T&L Ag LLC out of Wichita. 

The roughly .8 acres is located at 481 NW 140 Road, and they sought a change from agricultural district to light manufacturing service commercial district to allow Garth to use the property to sell agricultural seed and chemical products, Environmental Manager Judy Goreham said.

Garth leases the small tract that sits smack in the middle of 314 acres owned by Polzin about seven miles northwest of Hoisington, she said. 

The Barton County Planning Commission held a public hearing earlier this month. There were no area residents present and no objections to the change, Goreham said, noting even Polzin supports the idea. So, the Planning Commission recommended approval.

“He (Garth) is trying to expand his business west,” she said. “He was trying to find locations to store his goods.”

This property already has a large structure on it he can use. He also plans on erecting a small office on the site for use when he is in the area.

Since Garth is leasing the land, Polzin had to be involved in the process, Goreham said. But, the application was actually made by Garth.

The commission praised Garth for making the application. He could have proceeded with his plans without it and no one would have been the wiser.

It does make things easier, Goreham said. “I would much rather work with them on the front end rather than have to get them into compliance later.”

She applauded utility contractors for their help. It was one of them who advised Garth to contact Goreham’s office.