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Road overlaying continuing
Regional disaster plan being updated
road work pic
Barton County Road and Bridge Department crews work on a blacktop in this undated photo. Work continues on this year’s overlaying effort.

The Barton County Road and Bridge Department is continuing its overlaying of cold mix on county blacktop roads in the northeast section of the County, County Works Director Darren Williams said. Work started earlier in the summer.

The department will use about 25,000 tons of cold-mix asphalt this year. In all, the 2019 planned for 35 miles to be treated.

This is not all the department is doing, Williams reported.

Crews are replacing culverts and drive entrances that were damaged during the rains in the early spring. Cleaning debris at bridges from the flood damage is also ongoing.

Mowing has been completed for the first round and on round two is underway.

The Noxious Weed division is also busy.

Crews are spraying state highways and township roads for bind weed and spot spraying for Johnson grass around the county. Also selling chemical to landowners to control the noxious weeds throughout the County. 

Williams’ report was part of a departmental update presented to the County Commission Monday morning by County Administrator Phil Hathcock. Other highlights included:

County Engineer Barry McManaman 

• Organized a public viewing for the vacation of a portion of NE 210 Road east of NE 140 Avenue. The vacation was approved by the Commission on Aug. 19.

• Submitted an Off-System Bridge Replacement Program application to the Kansas Department of Transportation for the bridge over the Dry Walnut Creek on NE 20 Avenue.

• Completed a field review and documentation in response to requests for stop signs at two locations. The Commission approved resolutions for both. 

• Held a pre-construction meeting with the contractor and Pawnee County for the upcoming concrete drainage box construction on the Barton/Pawnee County line two miles west of Pawnee Rock.

• The Cartographer is working on the Census LUCA program.

LUCA is the only opportunity offered to tribal, state, and local governments to review and comment on the U.S. Census Bureau’s residential address list for their jurisdiction prior to the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau relies on a complete and accurate address list to reach every living quarters and associated population for inclusion in the census.

• Met with a Kirkham, Michael & Associates engineer to go over the results of the 2019 bridge inspections.

Emergency Risk Manager Amy Miller

Barton County Emergency Management is currently involved in updating the South Kansas Region E Multi-Hazard, Multi-Jurisdictional Mitigation Plan which includes Barton, Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Kiowa, Pawnee, Pratt and Stafford counties. Hazard mitigation plans are designed to demonstrate plans and actions to protect people and property from the identified hazards within a specific area. 

Counties, township, cities, school districts and college/universities as well as private non-profits are planning partners and participants in mitigation plans. Working to assess and plan for reducing risks from hazards, participants then become eligible to apply for federal hazard mitigation funding as it becomes available. 

Environmental Manager Judy Goreham 

• Total permits issued during this period – 48

• Septic system permits – 17

• Wastewater pumper license - two

• Water well permits –22

• Building permits – four

• Fireworks stand licenses - three

• Total field inspections conducted during this period – 133

• Septic tank pump-out inspections – 11

• Septic system final inspections – 19

• Site location for new septic system – five

• Wastewater pumper’s truck inspections – one

• In-house water tests conducted – 47

• Lender evaluations – 11

• Certified laboratory water test collected – 11

• Water well final inspection - 21

• Nuisance complaint/compliance inspections – two

• Illegal septic system complaint inspections – one

• Fireworks stand inspections – three

• Soil profile – one

Other highlights:

• The Barton County Zoning Regulations were amended to include “Event Centers” as a Conditionally Permitted Use in every Zoning District on June 3.


Juvenile Services Director Marissa Woodmansee

• Day staff completed in-house training regarding trauma affected youth, as required by the Kansas Department of Corrections

• Juvenile Intake and Assessment staff have completed 26 intakes since July 19. 

• Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation and Case Management are currently supervising 30 youth from the 20th Judicial District.

• Bond supervision youth are supervised like Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation youth and currently are at five.

• Truancy Diversion for youth who have truancy issues currently provides services to 19 youth from the district.

• Immediate Intervention has 26 youth currently participating in the program.

• Staff is assisting schools with getting the All Stars program started for the year.

• Evidence Based Classes from The Change Company are being taught throughout the Judicial District. There are currently three youth participating. 

• Staff continue to work to get The Parent Project up and running in the district and just completed training.