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Ron Cole visits Hoisigton High School
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When you walked into HHS on Friday, Nov. 21, you would have wondered who turned the music up so loud. It was Ron Cole performing for the Central Plains Middle School, Otis Bison Middle School and Hoisington Middle School at 9 a.m. and then a repeat performance at 10 a.m. for the Central Plains FCCLA and KAYS organizations, Hoisington High School and the Otis Bison High school.  
Mr. Coles presentation was over bullying, valuing relationships, respecting yourself and patriotism. Cole is from Texas and presents all of the nation, but he wanted to get into Kansas, therefore he contacted FCCLA advisor, Karla Reisner. Reisner told her students, “I’m not sure what we are in for, but hold on, it’s gonna be good.”  
What the high school students liked most about the presentation was that he got everyone involved with singing, dancing and got the teachers in front of the group and the students saw the teachers, paras and other staff members in another light.  
Spencer Romeiser and Jayda Clone took charge of this project and had to say, “I was surprised that everyone interacted with him.  Usually people sit there and are bored, but this time, it seemed like everyone was taking part and having a blast.” Clone said, “his message wasn’t in your face, by using music, he snuck in hidden meanings that meant a lot and opened up all types of discussion. It sparked discussion among students and teachers and students and parents, and then teachers and parents.”  
Romeiser and Clone  are exending this project by going into the middle school and do a project over positive relationships and by helping the students define what bullying is. This project is funded by a grant received by the FCCLA from Jana’s Campaign.