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Rosewood Riders close out in-state horse show schedule
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Rosewood horse rider Krystal Thorne practices her Showmanship event with Flashy prior to competing in her final SCSHA show of the season. Also pictured is Ktrystals father, Harold Thorne. He has been an integral part of Rosewood Ranch for many years as a volunteer during horse shows and the annual rodeo. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Horse show results

July 27 – (double judged accounts for placing twice in the same category)
Josh Trimmer: 1st place (two ribbons)/Showmanship, 3rd and 4th places/Horsemanship, 2nd and 3rd places/Trail
Mary Minear: 5th and 6th places/Showmanship, 1st and 5th places/Horsemanship, 6th place/Trail
Tim Barry: 2nd place (two ribbons)/Showmanship, 6th place (two ribbons)/Horsemanship, 6th place/Trail
Krystal Thorne: 3rd and 4th places/Showmanship, 5th place (two ribbons)/Trail
Chris Devine: 4th and 5th place/Showmanship, 2nd and 5th places/Horsemanship, 2nd and 4th places/Trail
Jaime Crone: 3rd place/Showmanship, 2nd and 3rd places/Horsemanship, 1st and 3rd places/Trail

July 28
Charles Bortz: 5th place/Showmanship, 2nd place/Horsemanship, 1st place/Trail
Melissa Trimmer: 5th place/Horsemanship, 2nd place/Trail
Shawn Ledesma: 6th place/Showmanship, 1st place/Horsemanship, 3rd place/Trail
Jimmy Wonsetler: 2nd place/Showmanship, 3rd place/Horsemanship, 4th place/Trail
Crystal Alkire: 3rd place/Showmanship
Rae Griffin: 4th place/Showmanship

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A dozen riders from Rosewood Services participated in their final in-state horse show of the season in late July. The riders competed in the South Central Stock Horse Association (SCSHA) Horse Show at the Hutchinson State Fair Grounds July 27 and 28. The riders will close out their horse show season in mid-August at the National Snaffle Bit Association World Championship Show in Tulsa, Okla.
The group turned in a solid final in-state performance as the riders captured the top five places in most categories between trail pattern riding, showmanship and horsemanship.
“We couldn’t ask for better performances from our riders and the horses, heading into the World Show,” said Rosewood Ranch manager Eric Hammond. “All of our riders were able to maintain their focus and they were in synch with their horses.”
The riders competing in Rosewood’s final SCSHA show were Charles Bortz, Melissa Trimmer, Shawn Ledesma, Jimmy Wonsetler, Crystal Alkire, Rae Griffin, Mary Minear, Jaime Crone, Josh Trimmer, Chris Devine, Tim Barry and Krystal Thorne. The Rosewood riders competed with horses from the Rosewood Ranch: Daisy, Dolly, Flashy, Fox, Sheik, Moe and Dotty.
Ten of Rosewood riders now turn their attention to the National Snaffle Bit Association World Championship Show in Tulsa, scheduled Aug. 14-16 at the Ford Tough Expo Complex. It will be the third consecutive year that Rosewood has competed in the event. In the previous two years, the team has fared well with 16 top-10 finishes, including a world championship and two reserve championships.
“Our riders enjoy each and every horse show, but they really get excited for the world show in Tulsa,” said Hammond. “It’s a whole different atmosphere and level for them. We’re already feeling the energy from them and the show is two weeks away.”  
Rosewood’s show competitors train weekly at Rosewood Ranch, a full-working horse ranch near Pawnee Rock. The Ranch serves nearly 50 adults from Rosewood Services. It also provides services on a weekly basis to more than 40 children with developmental disabilities.