First positive case of COVID-19 confirmed in Barton County
The Barton County Health Department reported the first confirmed positive case of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) in Barton County. Testing was confirmed on Monday, March 30 at 11 a.m.
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Scam e-mail claims to be from IRS
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ST LOUIS – The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers that scam e-mails are circulating in Kansas that use the IRS name and logo.
The latest scam e-mail targets individuals claiming their federal tax return was rejected and directs the recipient to complete an attached form.  That attachment contains a virus that may infect the computer so personal and financial information can be stolen. Some of the scam e-mails are reported to have misspelled words and words in Spanish.
“The IRS never sends unsolicited e-mail asking for financial or detailed personal information,” said IRS spokesman Michael Devine.
He said the first contact from the IRS will be a letter or notice that arrives through the mail.  He suggested calling the IRS toll-free number, 800-829-1040, to verify whether or not the IRS is trying to contact you.
Devine has the following warning for anyone who receives an unexpected e-mail claiming to be from the IRS:
• Do not reply to the message.
• Do not open any attachments.
• Do not click on any links.
• Forward the scam e-mail to the IRS at
• Delete the original e-mail message.