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School fundraisers approved by BOE

Parents and others who support school fundraisers will have plenty of opportunities next year to buy everything from trash bags to cookie dough.
Last Monday, the Great Bend school board approved 16 fundraiser requests for 2017-2018. The list spans the year, from the Great Bend High School Athletic Department’s sale of “Panther Cards” in August to GBHS Dance Line’s sale of Great American Fundraiser products (such as cookie dough) in April of 2018. Parent Teacher Associations and school booster clubs have also submitted requests.
Assistant Superintendent John Popp said the purpose of the list is for planning, so that groups don’t all schedule their fundraisers at the same time. Here is the list:

Group, date, fundraiser
• GBHS Athletic Department, August, Sale of Panther Cards
• GBHS FFA, throughout 2017-2018, Meat sticks (Yoder)
• GBHS Vocal Music, first week of school in August, Product sales (magazines, food and small gifts)
• Jefferson PTO, Aug. 25 through Sept. 5, Products of Great American Opportunities
• Park School Booster Club, Sept. 11-29, Sales - Kansas Sampler & Special Delivery
• Eisenhower PTA, Sept. 26-Oct. 10, Fun Pasta
• Riley School, Oct. 1-13, Red Wheel products
• Lincoln PTO, Oct. 16-31, Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough
• GBHS Dance Line, starting Sept. 5, Sale of Great Bend T-shirts
• GBHS Kayettes, October and November, Sale of holly wreaths, centerpieces, etc.
• GBHS Vocal Music, Second week of October, Product sales (cookies and jewelry)
• GBHS Band and Orchestra, Oct. 16-Nov. 13, Sale of food and gift items, many of a holiday nature (Cherrydale Co.)
• GBMS Booster Club, Nov. 20-Dec. 4, Sale of spirit cups
• GBHS Vocal Music, Mid-February 2018, Chili supper tickets (Homecoming)
• Park School Booster Club, Feb. 6-24, 2018, Sale of trash bags
• GBHS Dance Line, April 13, 2018, Sale of Great American Fundraiser products (cookie dough, etc.)