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Shafer Gallery presents awards at Central Prairie League Art Day
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Barton Community College’s Shafer Gallery hosted Central Prairie League Art Day April 27, featuring the works of student artists from nine area high schools. The students were honored with a reception and awards ceremony on the day of the exhibit.

The high schools represented were Kinsley/Offerle, La Crosse, Ness City, Otis-Bison, Quivira Heights, St. John, Victoria, Western Plains (Bazine/Ransom) and Macksville high schools.

Award recipients are as follows:

Best of Show 2D:

Best of Show 3D:

Judges’ Awards:

Acrylic and Oil:








Mixed Media:

Color Design:



first, Allison Young, Ness City, "Lucky"; second, Marla Seib, Ness City, "Pretty in Pink"; third, Kourtney Lovelady, Ness City, "African Emerald."
first, Krista Tweed, La Crosse, "Swallow Tail," batik.
first, Bryanda Martinez, Western Plains, "Music Forever"; second, Seth Hunter, La Crosse, "Driving in Circles"; third, Tony Hurla, Victoria, "I Think …"
first, Janessa Tammen, Otis/Bison, "Wallet"; second, Joel Hernandez, Western Plains, "Shamu"; third, Maci Hagelgantz, Western Plains, "Gotcha."
first, Bryan Weiser, La Crosse, "I’m a Peacock"; second, Hannah Bannister, Otis/Bison, "Armadillo"; third, Ciera Kohl and Janessa Brungardt, Victoria, "The American Dream"; honorable mention, Chris Morris, St. John/Hudson, "Squire Wire."
first, Jacob Blunt, St. John/Hudson, "Mustang and Sally"; second, Alexis Whipple, Macksville, "Chipmunk"; third, Dallas Murrow, Macksville, "Martian."
first, Kayla Tiemann, Kinsley/Offerle, "Hollyflower"; second, Shaysa Sidebottom, Kinsley/Offerle, "Native Field"; third, Kayla Tiemann, Kinsley/Offerle, "Storms Coming"; honorable mention, Autumn Mumford, Quivira Heights, (two) "Sunset and Happiness" and "Sweet Misery."
first, Krystal Inguelson, Kinsley/Offerle, "Rock Fall"; second, Andra Nowak, Victoria, "Beagle"; third, Nathan Kuhn, Victoria, "Ralph"; honorable mention, Aubree Broyles, Victoria, "Zebra Stripes"; honorable mention, Tanner Dahlke, Quivira Heights, "Cross."
first, Kwan Watson, St. John/Hudson, "Crazy World"; second, Autumn Mumford, Quivira Heights, "Mark Wahlberg"; third, Ernesto Flores, Ness City, "The Call"; honorable mention, Shaysa Sidebottom, Kinsley/Offerle, "Taking Time."
first, Tanner Woolf, Quivira Heights, "To the Dark Side"; second, Colin Evans, Ness City, "The King of Dreams"; third, Kristy Tweed, La Crosse, "Chevrolet"; honorable mention, Janessa Tammen, Otis/Bison, "Blondie"; Kelly Biernacki, La Crosse, "Work Boots."
first, Lauren Sargent, Western Plains, "Dreaming"; second, Renee Horton, Western Plains, "Giraffe"; third, Shelby Miller, La Crosse, "The King"; honorable mention, Ashley Parker, Western Plains, "Koi"; Chris Stephens, Quivira Heights, "Desert Flower."
first, Laura Newsome, Kinsley/Offerle, "Sunset"; second, Kyle Wilder, Kinsley/Offerle, "Tree in Blue"; third, Crystal Waymaster, Quivira Heights, "Blossoms of Spring"; honorable mention, Brenna Williams, Kinsley/Offerle, "Into the Eye"; Jessie Hinson, St. John/Hudson, "Betsy, the Neon Zebra."
Autumn Mumford, Quivira Heights, "Mark Wahlberg"; Javy Ortiz, Macksville, "Skinny Pants."
Bryan Weiser, La Crosse, "I’m a Peacock."
Kwan Watson, St. John/Hudson, "Crazy World."