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Stafford County candidates file
Election April 5
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STAFFORD — The Stafford County clerk has finalized the ballot for the April 5 general election. Polling places are the St. John I.O.F. Lodge, the Stafford Senior Center and the Macksville Christian Church.
Elections will be held for the cities of Macksville, St. John and Stafford. School board positions are available for Stafford USD 349, St. John USD 350 and Macksville USD 351. No candidates have filed for the city of Hudson, city of Radium or city of Seward for mayor or city council. All positions will be filled by write-in candidates.

STAFFORD USD 349 (4 at-large spots), Jami Downing, 1134 SE 90th St., Stafford; Charles Fritzemeier, 400 N. Park Ave., Stafford;
Mark Hornbaker, 969 NE 70th St., Stafford; Keith McNickle, 235 NE 150th Ave, Stafford; Jeff L. Meyer, 497 NE 60th Ave., Stafford; Jay M. Minnis, 615 E. Cleveland, Stafford; Lucas Newell, 210 N. Boston, Stafford; Rodney Roush, 500 N. Park Ave., Stafford; Tim Schreiber, 52 SE 100th Ave, Stafford.

ST. JOHN USD 350 (Pos. 1-District 1-4), Bill L. Milton, 330A NE 150th St., St. John
(Pos. 2, District 2-5), Chad Fisher, P.O. Box 455, St. John
(Pos. 3, District 3-6), Stanley Woodward, 108 Centennial Court, St. John
(Pos. 7, At Large), Carolyn Dunn, 708 N. Main, St. John; Tom Garner, 305 E. 7th Ave., St. John.

MACKSVILLE USD 351, (Pos. 1, District 1-1), Brian Anshutz, 1920 NW 60th Ave., Seward
(Pos. 2, District 2-2), Justin Vosburgh, 1103 W. Hwy 50, Macksville
(Pos. 3, District 3-2), Dennis Dutton, 3033 M. Road, Macksville; Kevin A. Welch, 173 SW 140th Ave., Macksville
(Pos. 7, At-Large) Duane Miller, 915 300th Ave., Belpre.

MACKSVILLE, Mayor, Robert Murrow, 501 N. Main.
City Council (2 spots), Jason Burns, 305 N. Dixon, Macksville; Joe G. Butler, 632 N. Logan, Macksville; Dauna Herman, 433 W. Halveson, Macksville; Carol R. Peterson, 424 N. Main, Macksville.
ST. JOHN, City Council (3 spots), Mark A. Bryant, 513 E. 4th, St. John; Kevin Davis, 503 S. West, St. John; Troy Hanson, 301 S. Main
St. John; Jim Lakey, 312 W. 4th, St. John; Lorrie Lanterman, 202 S. Broadway, St. John; Bobby Stimatze, P.O. Box 277, St. John.

STAFFORD, City Council (3 spots), Dennis Bronson, 201 Topeka Ave., Stafford; Joe Byer, 119 S. Prairie, Stafford; Kim Hoffman, 410 E. Grand, Stafford; Bill Shaw, 301 N. Union, Stafford,
HUDSON, Mayor, City Council (5 spots).

RADIUM, Mayor, City Council (5 spots).

SEWARD, Mayor; City Council (5 spots).