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Stafford County students donate to Heartland Cancer Center
new slt Heartland student fundraiser
St. John High School students donate money to the Heartland Cancer Center. From left to right are: Zach Minnis, Sidney Tucker, Jamie Hutchinson, HCC director, Amber Gould and Kaylene Rudy. Kevin Norton is not pictured.




Patients at the Heartland Cancer Center, Great Bend, will reap the benefits of a special fundraiser sponsored by the St. John High School Booster Club. The "Think Pink Night" raised approximately $3,300 for HCC.

"We were all overwhelmed by this donation," said Jamie Hutchinson, R.N., HCC director. "It is gratifying to know there is this spirit of generosity in our central Kansas communities. We cannot thank the students, teachers and parents enough."

The event included a silent auction organized by the St. John High School Human Biology class and the Macksville High School Anatomy and Physiology class. The two groups collected cash donations totaling $850, along with auction items.

"The auction raised another $1,062 and was a fun addition to the evening," said Andrea Sayler-Siefkes, St. John Human Biology instructor. "The total raised by the two classes was $1,912, thanks to the generosity of many individuals, organizations and businesses."

The special event was held in connection with the Feb. 18 St. John vs. Macksville basketball games at St. John to raise awareness about cancer. The donation was presented to the HCC where Hutchinson led students on a tour of the facility, which is owned and operated by Central Kansas Medical Center.

"We are so proud that our students were willing to take on the task of organizing and running the silent auction," Sayler-Siefkes said. "It not only enhanced their education but it can help them develop a life-long spirit of benevolence. This positive experience will encourage them to act as volunteers and donors in their adult lives."

Sayler-Siefkes also gave credit to her para-professional, Becky Hunley, and Macksville High Teacher Carrie Newdigger. "Becky and Carrie gave their time and talents to this worthy cause," Sayler-Siefkes said. "They and many others were responsible for this great success."