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Star of Hope unveils agricultural innovations in Kenya and Haiti
COURTESY PHOTO Kenyan farmers examine red onions raised through a project initiated by Star of Hope.

ELLINWOOD – In a year filled with uncertainties and challenges, Ellinwood-based international charity Star of Hope stands out as a beacon of hope, bringing positive news and impactful solutions to communities facing adversity. As the holiday season approaches, the organization unveils transformative initiatives in Kenya and Haiti, embodying the spirit of resilience and self-sustainability, said Star of Hope CEO Mark Presson.

“The ongoing global health crisis has underscored the critical issue of energy depletion, both physical and emotional, among individuals affected by COVID-19,” he said. “Star of Hope recognizes that food insecurity compounds this problem, leading to a cycle of decreased energy, limited access to nourishment, and a profound loss of hope.”

Star of Hope, operating in 13 countries worldwide, is actively addressing these challenges in countries facing war, leadership crises, and widespread hunger. In Kenya, a proven project has opened doors to enhanced self-sustainability. Through careful analysis, it was found that half of the red onions in Kenyan markets are imported from Tanzania, incurring significant transportation costs. However, just one acre of Kenyan land can yield ten tons of red onions, generating a substantial profit with a modest investment.

Meanwhile, in Haiti, a unique approach to agriculture has paved the way for increased community resilience. Facing political and economic disruptions, rural populations in Haiti are embracing self-reliance. With Star of Hope’s support, Tool Banks have been established, providing essential tools such as shovels, pickaxes, hoes, and wheelbarrows for planting, growing, and harvesting. Managed by local committees, these tools are available for rent, fostering a sense of ownership and community collaboration.

As funding grows, the Tool Bank initiative aims to expand its offerings to include saws, hammers, drills, and more, Presson said. The success of these projects is evident in the abundant harvests from small-scale farmers, rekindling hope in regions plagued by natural, political, and economic disasters.

“While red onions and shovels may not top traditional Christmas lists, the restoration of hope is a universal gift,” he said. “In a year that has emphasized the interconnectedness of our global village, Star of Hope continues to illuminate the darkness with hope, resilience, and the promise of a brighter future.”

This holiday season, Star of Hope invites individuals and organizations to join the mission of spreading hope, one community at a time. The Christmas shop is open for business, offering the opportunity to contribute to initiatives that make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing adversity.

For more information on Star of Hope’s projects and how to contribute, visit or contact Mark Presson at You can also text “soh” to “51555” to get a call back from Star of Hope.