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Story time
Families participate in StoryWalk adventure
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A family listens in as a 4-H member reads a story form a story board in part of the StoryWalk adventure that was held on Wednesday at the Great Bend Recreation Activity Center.

It was about story telling and exercise on Wednesday at the Great Bend Recreation Activity Center during the StoryWalk adventure that took listeners through a book about helping and counting.
StoryWalk adventure is a opportunity to read with children. Pages from are posted on storyboards that can be set up outside or inside; in this case they were placed around the My BackYard Playground. Children and families could walk to each board and read the story.
“The children get really excited once the story gets going. They want to find out what happens at the end,” 4-H Agent Berny Unruh said. “The kids really get engrossed in it and have a good time reading the story.”
The book that was read at Wednesday’s StoryWalk adventure was “Count on Pablo.” Pablo demonstrates how good he is at counting while helping his grandmother prepare to sell vegetables at the market.
The goal of StoryWalk is to read and exercise together with children. After they finished reading the book, there were fun learning activities set up for the children and a snack.
According to County Extension Agent Donna Krug, this is the third year that the Cottonwood Extension has been hosting this free event. They do about six a year in Great Bend starting during spring break and ending in November. If a business or person is interested in hosting a StoryWalk adventure, they can contact Krug by telephone at 620-793-1910.

About StoryWalk
According to, StoryWalk is an inspirational program created in 2007 by Anne Ferguson in Monteplier, Vermont, when she worked for the Vermont Department of Public Health. She found a tremendous ally in her local library, the Kellogg-Hubbard Library and through their collective efforts, a StoryWalk has been installed in “all 50 states and 12 foreign countries.” The idea just resonates in so many communities.