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Students use poster power to stop bullying
Winners share messages of kindness
bullying 1st place 2019
Fourth-grade student, Emmi Manos won first-place in Riley Elementary’s recent poster contest celebrating Bullying Prevention Week. Manos used the theme of “make peace” to encourage her fellow students to show kindness to others.

Students at Riley Elementary celebrated the results of Bullying Prevention Week with poster contest winners recently announced. 

“Schools across USD 428 recognized Bully Prevention Week in various ways in October,” said Michelle Daniel, family support worker at Riley Elementary, “but in our building we chose to hold a poster contest. Posters will now be displayed around the school to continue to share the positive messages with our students in the days and weeks ahead.”

After listening to bully prevention lessons throughout the month of October, fourth through sixth-grade students were invited to complete a poster using their own design and message. The theme for 2019 was “make peace,” and students expressed that in a variety of ways. Winners were selected by school staff based on color, design and message.  

2019 Poster Contest Winners are:

• First Place: Emmi Manos, 4th-Grade

• Second Place: Ramone Castruita, 4th-Grade & Alex Montoya, 4th-Grade

• Third Place: Yosmeriri Valdez, 5th-Grade

• Fourth Place: Julian  Ordonez, 5th-Grade

• Fifth Place: Renata Ordonez, 4th-Grade

bullying 2nd place
Second-place winners Ramon Casruita and Alex Montoya are both fourth-grade students. Their poster shared a powerful yet simple message of “how to stop bullying.”
bullying 3rd place
Participating sixth-grade students Olivia Sanchez, Melany Torres, Ruby Hernandez and Melissa Guerra proudly display posters they designed in conjunction with Bully Awareness Week held in October. Students shared messages of peace and kindness, with their work remaining on display in the halls of Riley Elementary.