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Superintendent wants to start new student group
Thexton Khris
Khris Thexton

Students at Great Bend High School may soon have a say in course offerings and other aspects of school life. Superintendent Khris Thexton plans to start a Student-Superintendent Advisory Council as the second nine weeks of the school year gets underway.
Thexton told the school board that GBHS administrators and counselors are working on a list of possible students who’d be interested in meeting with him for an hour over lunch every quarter.
“I’d like to see a male and a female from each grade level,” he said. “Each year we’d be adding two kids,” They would stay on the council until graduation.
The superintendent said he sees this as a way for him to interact with the students and for the students to say what’s on their minds.
“We want their feedback,” he said. “They’re the ones living it day-in and day-out. We want to make sure they have a good situation — something they can feel proud of.”