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County officials, officers sworn in Monday morning
new deh county commission amy mellor swearing in pic web
Newly elected Barton County Attorney Amy Mellor, left, is sworn in by 20th Judicial District Chief Judge Mike Keeley Monday Morning in the main courtroom of the Barton County Courthouse. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

County to observe Martin Luther King Day

Barton County Office Buildings will be closed Monday, Jan. 16, for Martin Luther King Day. The Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office and the Health Department will also be closed. The Landfill will only be open from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. that day. Emergency services will be in normal operation. 

In addition, the next regular meeting of the Barton County Commission will be at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan, 17, due to the holiday.

The results of the November general election in Barton County were made official as part of the County Commission meeting Monday morning. A host of county officials took their oaths of office in the main courtroom of the Barton County Courthouse.

Sworn in by 20th Judicial District Judge Ron Svaty was Chief Judge Mike Keeley. Then, sworn in by Keeley were: District Judge Steve Johnson; District Magistrate Judge Verle Willey; Third District Commissioner Don Davis; Second District Commissioner Homer Kruckenberg; County Clerk Donna Zimmerman; Register of Deeds Pam Wornkey; County Attorney Amy Mellor; and Sheriff Brian Bellendir. James Jordan was sworn in as the treasurer, although his term won’t begin until Oct. 10.

Other than Mellor and Jordan who were newly elected in November, all the other others who were sworn in were reelected to their positions.

Officers of the Barton County Sheriff’s Department were sworn in as well.

Following the ceremony, there was a reception in the courthouse rotunda.

When the regular meeting reconvened, commissioners elected Jennifer Schartz as chairman and Kenny Schremmer as chairman pro tem. Other commissioners include Don Davis, Homer Kruckenberg and Alicia Straub.

In other business, the Barton County Commission:

• Approved waiving the requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120a relating to the preparation of financial statements and financial reports each year. The basis is that statements prepared in conformity with this statute are of no significant value to Barton County nor to the general public. County Finance Officer Matt Patzner said this was a routine waiver.

• Designated the Great Bend Tribune as the officials county newspaper.  

• Appointed Steve Billinger, Doug Hubbrad, Mary Hoisington, Jane Schepmann, Shelly Schneider, Stan Jantz, Steve Webster, Donna Zimmerman and William King to the Local Emergency Planning Committee. The Barton County LEPC is comprised of representatives from the following groups: state/local officials; law enforcement; firefighting; emergency management; health; hospital; broadcast media and/or communications media; transportation; local environmental group; community service/civic group; emergency medical services; and facilities/industries regulated by SARA Title III. Nominations had been sought for appointment, said Emergency Risk Manager Amy Miller.

• Authorized the Barton County Sheriff’s Office to spend up to $17,500 for a replacement vehicle. The sheriff is in the process of equipping the detective position. Since the position was authorized, plans have included an additional department vehicle. The vendor and actual amount to be provided at a later date, Davis said.