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Treasurer Estes to address Ellinwood students
new deh ron estes mug
Ron Estes

ELLINWOOD – Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes will address the community ambassador class of High School seniors at the Ellinwood High School and fifth and sixth graders at the Ellinwood Elementary School Tuesday. The treasurer will address the community ambassador class on the importance of credit card responsibility and the grade school students on the topics of saving and budgeting.
 “The necessity to educate our students on saving, budgeting, and the responsible use of credit cards cannot be overstated,” said Estes. “Good financial habits must be learned and I am pleased to be able to support the financial education efforts of Kansas communities such as Ellinwood.”
Estes will address the 35 seniors in the Community Ambassador Class from 9:48 a.m. to 10:38 a.m. at EHS. Immediately following, from 11 a.m. to noon, he will address the younger students at EES.