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Tuesday is National Black Dog Day
Linda Pringle granddog

National Black Dog Day on October 1 encourages the adoption of a dog in the darker shades. According to the National Day Calendar (, black dogs are less likely to be adopted for no other reason than their coloring. Regardless of behavior, size, breeding, personality or age, the phenomenon persists, which means black dogs are more likely to be put down.

Evidence for the “black dog syndrome” is only anecdotal, but visiting a pet from a shelter such as the Golden Belt Humane Society is always a good option for adoptions. The Golden Belt Humane Society’s monthly Adopt A Pet will be held Saturday, Oct. 5, at Orscheln’s, 5320 10th St. in Great Bend, with animals from the shelter present.

National Black Dog Day was founded by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige.

If you are seeking to add a canine companion to your pack, consider adopting one with an ebony sheen. Their loyalty is no less or more than another dog, but they need a home, too.

To observe this “national day,” give a black dog the opportunity to become your forever friend. Use #NationalBlackDogDay to share on social media.