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Two city zoning changes allow shed construction
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The Great Bend City Council approved two rezoning requests at the Monday, April 15 meeting. The parties making the requests met with the Planning Commission on March 25 and approval was recommended. Assistant City Administrator Logan Burns presented details.

• Davin Mills requested rezoning of 1923 Holland St. from R-2 (Multi-Family) to C-2 (General Commercial). The property is owned by Walter and Betty Button. The request will allow Mills to build a shop on the property that would store trailers and material. Nearby property owners were notified of the request and there were no objections at the public hearing on March 25.

• Tanner Davis requested rezoning of “00 NE Baker Street” from R-1 (Single Family) to A (Agricultural). The property is owned by Jim and Kathy Vopat. It is north of town but within the 3-mile zoning area and will be given a different address, Burns said. The request was made in order for Davis to build a 12 by 24-foot shed on the property to house 4-H animals. At the March 25 hearing, there were neighbors who expressed concerns because they did not want this to open the door to a large-scale operation. Davis said he intends to have three or four pigs and the neighbors were OK with that. It was pointed out that once the zoning is approved, he will be free to have more than four pigs but the neighbors were still OK, Burns said.


In other business Monday, the city council approved four resolutions for abatement of properties with unlawful accumulation of garbage and refuse. A fifth property was taken care of before the meeting and removed from the agenda. The resolutions find a nuisance exists at each location and orders the accumulation to be removed. Any cost will be assessed against the property.

The properties are 218 Pine St., owned by Juan and Allison Prieto; 1618 Jefferson St., owned by Max J. and Sarah L. Hames; 913 Jefferson St., owned by Antonio V. Rocha; and 3324 Lakin Ave., owned by Thomas L. Pearson.