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Two houses deemed unsafe, dangerous
Public hearings set to determine structures’ fates
1205 odell
Shown is the structure at 1205 Odell that has been declared unsafe and dangerous by the Great Bend City Council.

The houses at 1205 Odell and 1714 Adams have deteriorated, and are in an unsafe and dangerous condition, the Great Bend City Council ruled Monday night. 

In order to deal with the structures and force them to be repaired or removed by the owners, a hearing must be held in the matter, said City Attorney Bob Suelter.

The council approved resolutions setting the hearings for these matters for 6:30 p.m. July 6 at the Great Bend Events Center, 3111 10th St. Notices will be mailed to all owners and interest holders, and will also be published two times in the Great Bend Tribune.

“This is a fairly lengthy procedure,” Suelter said of the guidelines set forth by the State of Kansas. The interested parties will have the chance to outline their plans to repair or raze the houses before the city proceeds with the demolition and billing the owners for the work.

Following the hearings, Suelter said it will be up to the council to pass additional resolutions allowing the city to handle the clearing of the properties.

Both structures are considered abandoned and in grievous disrepair, Property Maintenance Enforcement Manager Austin LaViolette said. It is doubtful the owners can afford to take care of them so the cost will likely be added to the already delinquent tax bills.

As for 1205 Odell, LaViolette reported:

1. The roofs over the front and back porches of the residence have deteriorated to such a point they are collapsing, and the back porch roof has holes in it.

2. The shingles on the roof of the house are deteriorating and there is a board covering a small portion of the roof on the north side of the house.

3. Siding and guttering on all sides of the home have deteriorated and/or fallen off.

4. Doors and windows of the home remain open and unsecured.

5. Holes exist throughout the main roofing of the home.

6. There are birds and other wildlife living inside.

7. Taxes not fully paid since 2018.

As for 1714 Adams, he reported:

1. Termite damage to exterior walls on the east side of the structure is visible. Integrity and strength of structure support is not adequate.

2. The plumbing in the home is substandard with several leaks which have caused damage to the flooring. The plumbing will need to be repaired and checked by a licensed plumber.

3. There are open electrical boxes in the basement which will need to be repaired by a licensed electrician.

4. In the basement where the water heater and furnace are located, they are sitting in water and will need to be cleaned and checked by a licensed plumber and mechanical contractor.

5. There is mold on the walls of the basement which extends approximately 4 feet up from the floor.

6. There are numerous insect infestations throughout the house causing unsanitary conditions. The house should be treated by a licensed pest control exterminator.

7. There are birds and other wildlife living inside.

8. The house will need to be thoroughly cleaned before being occupied again.

9. There are several broken basement windows on the south side of the house which will need to be either repaired or boarded up securely.

10. The soffit and fascia are rotting and missing in places on the south and east sides of the house.

11. Taxes not paid in full since 2015.

1714 adams
Shown is the structure at 1714 Adams that has been deemed unsafe and dangerous by the Great Bend City Council.