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Two sentenced in Barton County District Court
Jesse Alan Julian
Jesse Alan Julian - photo by Kansas Department of Corrections

On Wednesday, Timothy Charles Chism and Jesse Alan Julian appeared before Barton County District Court Judge Carey Hipp for sentencing on two unrelated criminal cases. Both appeared remotely via Zoom.

Timothy Chism

Chism, 37, waived his right to a jury trial and plead “no contest” in November 2021 to one count of criminal possession of a weapon/firearm by a convicted felon for events in August 2020.

Chism’s criminal history score would normally place him in the presumptive probation position for a conviction like this. However, because Chism was already on probation at the time he committed the new offense, Kansas sentencing laws allow for the District Court to sentence him to prison without probation first.

At sentencing, Barton County Attorney Levi Morris asked that Chism be ordered to serve his sentence with the Kansas Department of Corrections for the reason that when Chism committed the weapons crime he was already on probation for the same crime. Chism asked the Court for another chance at probation. After hearing the arguments of the attorneys, Judge Hipp sentenced Chism to 18 months but granted the request for probation. Chism’s probation will begin once he is released from the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Chism was represented by Donald E Anderson II.

Jesse Julian

Julian, 38, was convicted by a jury in November of one count of possession of methamphetamine (Count 1) and one count of no drug tax stamp (Count 3). At the time Julian committed those crimes, he was on probation in one Barton County case and on post-release/parole from prison in another Barton County case.

At sentencing County Attorney Morris asked for consecutive sentences and that Julian serve that time in prison without another chance on probation. Julian, through his attorney, Ben Fisher, of Hutchinson, had filed a motion asking the court for probation.

After hearing the arguments of the attorneys, Judge Hipp sentenced Julian to 30 months in the Kansas Department of Corrections for Count 1 and six months in KDOC for Count 3, ordered the counts be run together but ordered that the sentences would be tacked onto the prison sentence Julian was currently serving.

Timothy Charles Chism
Timothy Charles Chism - photo by Kansas Department of Corrections