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Unique motorcycle comes to Great Bend
OCC Chopper
The Dixie Chopper Motorcycle that was built by Orange County Choppers was on display at the Barton County Fair in this undated file photo.

A well known motorcycle or chopper, that was aired on the T.V. Show American Choppers, and built by Orange County Choppers or OCC, comes to Great Bend.
The Dixie Chopper was built for Dixie Choppers Lawn Mowers, out of Coatesville Indiana, the motorcycle is being displayed at the Barton County fair, The display is for Millers Lawn Inc., which is owned by Troy Miller, who sells Dixie Chopper Lawn Mowers.
The building of the motorcycle was in episode one of American Choppers, the show aired on 05/03/04 and 05/10/04.
The motorcycle is one of a kind.  It is built out of actual lawn more parts, the engine, foot boards, rims, and others parts, makes this motorcycle very different than other OCC choppers.
“What makes this motorcycle so unique, is the fact its made out of mower parts,” owner of Millers Lawn Inc., Troy Miller said.
The engine is the most noticeable mower part on the motorcycle, it is a modified 1000cc Dixie Chopper lawn mower engine and is rated at 32 horsepower. The engine had to be modified in order to accept a motorcycle transmission and to be able to reach certain speeds to make the bike street ready.
The motorcycle will be on display until Sunday at the Barton County Fair.