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USD 428 urging early enrollment
All returning students enroll online
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Parents enrolling their students in Great Bend schools next month may face long waits in line, but they don’t have to, said Jan Frenzl at USD 428.
For the first time, all returning students will need to enroll online, either from home or at their school. The new enrollment program became available July 20, but as of last Friday morning, only 12 percent of the students were enrolled.
That means 88 percent of about 3,000 students were not enrolled.
USD 428 is strongly encouraging parents to enroll their children online now and not wait for the Aug. 4 and 5 enrollment dates, Frenzel said.
People can complete the enrollment process now from the comfort of their own homes. If they wait for actual enrollment, they will still be required to enroll their students online. There will be computers available and people to assist at all of the schools during enrollment dates, but the lines may be long.
“This is a new process for everyone,” said Frenzl, the district’s applications specialist. “We just want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for people.”

The district sent letters home with students at the end of the school year, and has sent emails as reminders. Most of the parents have email addresses, Frenzel said.
“We’re not excluding anyone who does not have access to a computer,” she said. “If you don’t have a computer or aren’t comfortable with technology, there will be people here to assist you.”
But enrolling from home is the easiest option for most people, and those who have already enrolled have given positive feedback.
“They thought it was going to be much more difficult than it was,” she said.
The first thing parents need is a Family Access account. Then they should go online to the district website,, and click on the enrollment link.
Those who don’t have an account or need help getting started should call the USD 428 District Education Center, 793-1500, through Aug. 3.
After Aug. 3 they may call elementary or secondary school offices for assistance.
Payments of fees, as well as payments for school lunches, may also be made online, using Discover, Visa or Mastercard. That is an optional service and not a required step for completing enrollment online. Full or partial payments may be made online, but there those who use that service will be charged 3.49 percent of the total fee.