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Voter turnout a mixed bag
One Hoisington race decided by a name drawn from a hat
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Barton County Clerks Offices Chris Saenz unpacks voting equipment for last Tuesdays general election, Monday morning. Earlier in the morning, the Barton County Commission met as the Board of Canvassers and approved the final tally of ballots from the voting. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

 There were few surprises after the Barton County Commission met as the Board of Canvassers Monday morning to review the ballots from last Tuesday’s general election. Voter turnout numbers held close to preliminary totals, ranging widely from zero to over 50 percent, County Clerk Donna Zimmerman said.

However, there was one race decided after a name was drawn from a hat. That fell in the First Ward Hoisington City Council contest.

“Our voter turnout really varied by location,” Zimmerman said. “We had some rural locations where no one voted. Olmitz had the highest voter turn-out at 51.22 percent.”

Out of Barton County’s 17,357 registered voters, 4,180 voted, for a countywide turnout of 24.08 percent.

Great Bend City Second Ward voter turnout was 45.60 percent with 1,268 voting. Of those voting, 1,005 voted at the polling place.  

“We moved the polling location from First Congregational United Church of Christ to Prince Of Peace St. Patrick’s Parish Center for this election in anticipation of increased voter turnout in the Second Ward,” she said.  

The room is larger with more parking. “The ladies working that precinct reported they were so busy they didn’t get a chance to even eat lunch,” Zimmerman said.  

Luck of the draw

There were 15 write-in votes cast in the Hoisington First Ward election, Zimmerman said. Two votes were cast for Christina Smith who filed in the Forth Ward.  

The remaining 13 write-in votes were single votes for 13 separate individuals, she said. “We reviewed the list to determine who lived in the ward, which narrowed the list to 7 write-ins.”

“Those seven individuals were invited to attend the canvass if they chose. No one attended,” Zimmerman said. 

Those names were put in a basket and Becky Steiner’s name was drawn. 

Zimmerman said there were several candidates elected as write-ins. Now, it is up the these individuals if they are willing to accept the positions. 

Polling place numbers

The final results were posted on the county’s website Monday morning. These canvassed votes include all the advance, write-ins and provisional ballots. Below are the polling places, the voter turnout  and the  number of ballots cast at each location:

• Great Bend City – 1st Ward, 25.38 percent, 585

• Great Bend City – 2nd Ward, 45.60 percent, 1,268

• Great Bend City – 3rd Ward, 32.36 percent, 773

• Great Bend City – 4th Ward, 18.06 percent, 273

• Hoisington – 1st Ward, 25.59 percent, 120

• Hoisington – 2nd Ward, 41.91 percent, 189

• Hoisington – 3rd Ward, 25.95 percent, 123

• Hoisington – 4th Ward, 29.19 percent, 129

• USD 355 Ellinwood City (Ellinwood Hospital), 13.09 percent, 180

• USD 355 Comanche, Lakin (Ellinwood Hospital), 4.95 percent, 19

• USD 355 Comanche (NO Ellinwood Hospital), 2.61 percent, 3

• Stafford County Voters in USD 355, 26.32 percent, 5

• USD 403 Albert, 20.00 percent, 24

• USD 428 Clarence, Walnut-Albert, 12.77 percent, 6

• USD 403 Walnut-Albert, 7.14 percent, 2

• USD 495 Clarence, 8.33 percent, 4

• USD 112 Claflin, 14.89 percent, 63

• USD 112 Cheyenne, Independent, Logan (position 6), 6.10 percent, 21

• USD 431 Cheyenne, 0.00 percent, 0

• USD 431 Galatia, 28.57 percent, 12

• USD 431 Fairview, Grant, Wheatland, 8.16 percent, 8

• USD 403 Grant, 3.57 percent, 1

• USD 403 Olmitz, 51.22 percent, 42

• USD 403 Walnut-Olmitz, 15.22 percent, 7

• USD 495 Pawnee Rock city, 23.31 percent, 38

• USD 495 Pawnee Rock Township, 11.01 percent, 12

• USD 431 Susank, 32.14 percent, 9

• USD 112 Beaver, Cleveland (position 6), 8.91 percent, 9

• USD 431 Beaver, Union, 13.21 percent, 7

• USD 431 Albion, Eureka, North and South Homestead, 12.50 percent, 54

• USD 428 Eureka, So Home, 13.04 percent, 3

• USD 428 Buffalo, Great Bend Township, South Bend, Liberty, 7.67 percent, 186

• USD 495 Liberty, 0.00 percent, 0

• Stafford County voters in USD 428, 10.00 percent, 5

Overall totals – 24.08 percent, 4,180

For the complete listing of election results, visit, go to “Departments” and pick “Elections,” go to “Current elections,” scroll down to “Election results” and click on “Nov 2017 Official Final Including Provisionals.”

For more election information, call the County Clerk’s Office, 620-793-1835.