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Wanted: Volunteers for county boards, commissions
There are openings on several groups that advise County Commission
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Want to help?

Interested in Volunteering for a county voluntary board, commission or committee? Barton County has openings on Center for Counseling and Consultation Governing Board, Community Development Advisory Board, Health Advisory Board, Memorial Parks Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals. 

For more information, call Barton County Commission Assistant Diana Watson at 620-793-1800, or email her at

Barton County needs a few good volunteers, Barton County Commission Assistant Diana Watson told commissioners Monday morning.

“One of the best ways to participate in local government is by serving on a voluntary board, commission or committee,”she said. “We just need people to serve on the boards.”

These groups oversee and advise elected officials and organizations on a wide range of issues that affect the public welfare, she said. “They also play a vital role in promoting efficient, effective and honest government that functions for all areas of the community.”

Currently, Barton County has openings on the Center for Counseling and Consultation Governing Board, Community Development Advisory Board, Health Advisory Board, Memorial Parks Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission. 

Environmental Manager Judy Goreham spoke on behalf of the Planning Commission, which will likely have three openings. “It’s a wonderful board to be a part of,” she said.

Falling under her supervision, Goreham said it also functions as the Zoning Appeals Board. 

The focus of the Planning Commission is to plan for the proper growth and development of Barton County through the enactment of planning and zoning laws for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. Whenever called upon, members will deal with zoning issues.  

The Zoning Appeals Board hears and decides appeals, hears and rules upon applications for variance and exception, and hears and decides all matters referred under regulations.  

Goreham said the county will soon be revamping zoning guidelines.

The uncompensated terms are for three years. Over half, five of nine, appointments must reside in the unincorporated area of Barton County.

However, Goreham said applicants for all three openings can be from anywhere in the county.

Below are details about each of the other groups:

• The Center for Counseling and Consultation Governing Board – This Board reviews and makes recommendations on mental health services in Barton County and the surrounding area. Board members serve without compensation, three year terms. Commission makes a portion of this Board’s appointments.

• Community Development Advisory Board – Functions under the County Administrator’s Office. The purpose is to advise commissioners on economic and community development matters. The BCCDAB monitors the progress of the Barton County Strategic Plan and make suggestions to the commissioners concerning the advancement and realization of the goals as set forth in the plan. 

Membership is comprised of 11 members. Each Barton County commission member shall appoint two representatives. Members may be representative of the manufacturing, non-manufacturing, retail, education and governing sectors of the county, and shall be representative of the geography of the county.  Members shall serve three year terms. 

The BCCDAB meets as often as the members deem necessary, but no less than semi-annually.

• Health Advisory Board – Functions under Health Director Shelly Schneider. The Health Advisory Board reviews and makes recommendations on policies related to public health services in Barton County. Uncompensated position requirements and terms set by Kansas statute.

• Memorial Parks Advisory Committee – While the responsibility was assigned to the County Administrator’s Office, this committee now functions under Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips, with assistance from Register of Deeds Pam Wornkey. 

The purpose is to recommend to commissioners the most effective use of funds designated for the memorial parks, to assist in public ceremonies and events involving the memorial parks and to render advice concerning rules and regulations relative to the memorial parks.

Membership on this Committee shall be no less than five and no more than seven members. Membership consists of citizens of Barton County who are interested in the care and management of the memorial parks and who are willing to serve on the advisory committee without compensation. The positions are four-year staggered terms. 

This committee shall meet at least annually, or more often as deemed appropriate. The committee provides a formal report to the commission at least annually or more frequently if necessary.