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The war is on
Sign war declared among local businesses
sign war pic
Shown is the first salvo in what could become a sign war in Great Bend. It is posted at the Best Western Angus Inn.

The opening salvo was fired by Best Western Angus Inn on Great Bend’s 10th Street Tuesday. Now the sign war is on and it’s time to take no prisoners.

“It’s all in good fun,” said Best Western Manager Lacey Schofield of the taunting message on their digital billboard. “We’ll see how much fun we can have.”

It reads “1-2-3-4 I declare a sign war.” Schofield said she has another post scheduled to go up Wednesday and she challenges other businesses to take their shots.

“It is about getting some social media interaction,” she said. It is also about encouraging camaraderie among the merchants.

The instigator for this is Christina Hayes, Great Bend community coordinator and director of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. She saw coverage of a similar sign war that mushroomed in Virginia.

“It looked like fun,” Hayes said. She has posted messages on the city’s Facebook page and on signs at the Events Center, Brit Spaugh Park and the Sports Complex.

Her first message read, “anyone want to start a sign war?” Now, she is upping the game by saying, “We see Best Western isn’t afraid. Are you chicken?”

The clouds of war are roiling. Some business owners are looking to rent signs just so they can take part.

In fact, Hayes said if someone doesn’t have a sign, they can put something up in their windows.

“It is just a little bit of friendly fun,” shes said. She wants everyone to stay civil.

Sure, it creates a social media buzz, she said. But, “it also gets people out and exploring Great Bend.”