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Westfall chairs BCC Foundation’s AEF Campaign
Jan Westfall
Jan Westfall

The Academic Enrichment Fund (AEF) Campaign is one of the Barton Community College Foundation’s most significant annual fundraising efforts. The campaign runs throughout March and is unique because it allows donors to specialize their gift by choosing which department or fund they would like to benefit from their generosity. All the donations are used for academic scholarships and program enhancements. There is no minimum donation amount.

Great Bend native and Barton alum Jan Westfall is the 2021 AEF Campaign chair. She saved hard to go to school and soaked up the college experience back in 1972 in the college’s early years. During her freshman year, her father became ill. The faculty and staff were as caring back then as they are now and helped her through the tough times. 

She chose to be the campaign chair because she reaped the benefits of higher education at Barton and wanted to help give that opportunity to others. 

“Now that I am on the Foundation Board of Directors, I have come to fully realize how important scholarships are to those who dream of an education and how important it is that we assist them in meeting their goals,” she said.  “It is my pleasure to serve as the 2021 Academic Enrichment Fund Chair. The funds generated by our donor’s generosity fuels the dreams, ambitions and imagination of students. During these times and with the rising cost of education, they need help to succeed. Please join me as we support and promote educational opportunities that will enhance the lives of our students.  Your gift will be a blessing that our students will cherish for a lifetime.”

Foundation Executive Director Coleen Cape said the Foundation was very excited to have Westfall as the chairperson for this year’s campaign. 

“Jan has a long history with the college dating back to her years as a Barton student,” she said. “As a life-long resident of Great Bend, Jan has always shown great pride in her community and that pride manifests itself in years of volunteerism and support for Great Bend’s economic, cultural and educational development. She is a vital member of the Foundation Board of Directors and we know her support and voice will be vital to the success of this years’ annual campaign.”

Westfall said donating to this campaign is designed to be simple and easy. Potential donors will receive a mailing with a return envelope and a simple form to donate. Contributions are also accepted online at

“If you have given in the past, thank you very much for your support and generosity,” she said. “If you have not given, please make this your first year to participate. While it is outstanding to receive large donations, small ones, when added together, make a significant difference in a student’s life. Given what I know about the psychology of a giving, generous heart, you will also benefit from this kind contribution.  Please know that your contribution, regardless of amount, may be the donation that changes a life ... which changes another life ... which changes another ...”

For more information or to donate, visit or contact Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Coleen Cape at or 620-786-1136.