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Winder pays special tribute to a friend
Allen Winder Meadowlark Lemon
Allen Winder and Meadowlark Lemon

How do you describe a Legend like Meadowlark Lemon — and one of my best friends?
Anything and everything would put a back seat with just the mention of your name Meadowlark.
I’ll always cherish those smiles and what was beneath them in every game and every airport we walked through to together around the world.
Not just their smiles, but your all too familiar smile and that laugh comforted so many for decades.
Yeah I’ll miss you, along with everyone that tuned in to your presence — whether in a Scooby Doo cartoon, your own cartoon, Band-Aid commercials, to Charmin commercials, to seeing you live; or in a simple variety show or the Tonight Show — or by simply meeting with you in person at a gate and starting another adventure.
You had the ability to exude a CUSTOM-MADE smile JUST for the girl, boy or adult that stood before you.
I’ll never forget that smile on your face just for them. It was kind of like the myth or the reality of Santa Claus, It was true.
If you add up the Globetrotter shows, live and on TV, and the consecutive appearances that set the records for smiles!
One of your many records of your legacy is that you made more people laugh, forget their day’s activities, and bring them back to center than any other person — ever.
That’s the Meadowlark I’ll remember and know as a best friend and I will love you forever.
Hey Meadow, take a half-court hook for us.
We will never stop loving you as a legend and a friend,
We’ll love you ever.
Your Blue Eyes Soul Brother forever,

— Allen Winder