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World War II warbird joins the team
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Another warbird will be on the flight deck at the Great Bend Airport Airfest, Sept. 18-20.
An F4U Corsair from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum has been confirmed for the lineup, said Martin Miller,Great Bend Municipal Airport manager.  
“FIFI, the world’s only flying B-29, is now bringing a Stearman to sell rides in Great Bend,” Miller said. “The addition of the Corsair takes the total to nine warbirds who are selling rides, plus nine display warbirds. Wichita’s DWTA (Helicopters) will also provide helicopter rides throughout the event.” Great Bend Municipal Airport Manager Martin Miller said.
The Corsair was the first single engine fighter to reach 400 MPH. The Corsair’s gull wing design makes it one of the most distinctive fighters of World War II. There are only 25 in flight today.
The F4U Corsair, flown by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, achieved an impressive 11:1 victory ratio against the Japanese Zero during World War II, and excelled in the ground attack and close air support campaigns in the Pacific Theater. Japanese troops nicknamed the Corsair “Whistling Death” from the sound caused by airflow over the F4U’s leading edge oil coolers in high-speed flight.
This Goodyear Corsair Model is configured as an F4U-1C, and is powered by a Pratt & Whitney 2,100–HP engine, with a maximum speed of 466 mph, and a ceiling of 41,500 ft.
Chuck Gardner will pilot the Corsair for Airfest 2015. This aircraft is the only flying Corsair that is FAA approved to carry a passenger in the back seat.
For more information or questions contact Miller at the Great Bend Municipal Airport, 620-792-9446, or check out the website at