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Zoning variance considered by planning commission Tuesday night
Approval could pave way for new storage facility in Ellinwood
zoning variance request
This satellite image of the property located at 101 West B Street in Ellinwood is where the property owner has proposed to build new storage units. The Ellinwood Planning Commission approved allowing the city to move forward with the zoning variance process.

ELLINWOOD — An Ellinwood man, Chris Knop, has requested a zoning variance for the lot located at 101 West B Street from residential to commercial so he can build storage units there. City Manager Chris Komarek explained the history of the lot to planning commission members.

Many years ago, a former property owner requested to combine his one commercial lot with his adjoining residential lot. The request was approved, but in doing so, the new single lot was rezoned to the most restrictive zoning, which was R-1. 

The lot is currently 100 feet deep by 145 feet long, with a structure in the southwest corner of the lot. The property owner plans to remove that structure prior to construction of the units. The zoning change will also provide an opportunity for the property address to be changed from B Street to Main Street. It was the opinion of the commission that the proposed use will be an improvement to the area, and approved moving forward with the rezoning process.

Komarek explained what the next steps will be. First, a notice will be published in the Thursday, Oct. 3 edition of the Ellinwood Leader and letters will be sent to all property owners located within 200 feet of the lot. Commissioners agreed a public hearing will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 29, providing the necessary 20 days from publication.