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Ellinwood Municipal Court Docket - Feb. 13
on the record

Oscar Campos, no driver’s license, fine $100, court costs $58.50
Oscar Campos, failure to stop at red light (work zone), fine $150
Brian Erb, speeding 46/30, failed to appear
Katelyn Henning, speeding 42/30, fine $42, court costs $58.50
MacKenzie Messick, disorderly conduct, diversion granted
Kaitlyn Steierl, disorderly conduct, court costs $58.50
Omar Dominquez, theft, fine $250, court costs $58.50
Donita Zamarripa, noisy animals, pled not guilty
Kimberly Trimmer, theft by deception, fine $150, court costs $58.50
Keith Burke, battery domestic violence, failed to appear
Keith Burke, criminal damage to property, failed to appear
Isreal Klein, theft, pled not guilty
Lainie Sturn, theft, fine $250, court costs $58.50
Luis Guerrero Sr., dogs at large, fine $250, court costs $58.50
Luis Guerrero Sr., vicious animals, found guilty
Paula Novack, driving while suspended, fine $250, court costs $55.50
James Norris, battery domestic violence, bond fort. granted
James Norris, disorderly conduct, bond fort. granted
James Norris, criminal damage to property, bond fort. granted
James Norris, battery, bond fort. granted
Troy Eliason, theft, fine $300, court costs $58.50