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September marriage and divorce filings
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Marriage licenses

Cole Keller, Bella Vista and Rylie Dainty, Bella Vista

Chandler Collins, Parsons and Bre Anda Banzel, Parsons

David Kottmann, Coffeyville, Cassandra Snyder, Coffeyville

Dale Hall, Webb City and Kathleen Sanders, McCune

Delwin Compton, Chanute and MaKenzie McMillon, Chanute

Karla Munz, Bazine and Sarah Crosby, Bazine

Crain Cain, Pittsburg and Sara Walden, Pittsburg

Cameron Thompson, Cedarvale and Kaylee Haden, Cedarvale

Brian Dewberry, Claflin and Kimberlie Demel, Claflin

Christian Meyers, Joplin and Courtney Page, Joplin

Blake DePue, Independence and Kayla, Brez, Independence

Jason Stockham, Ellinwood and Heather Suppes, Ellinwood

Timothy Spare, St. John and Felicia Norton, St. John

Hunter Hudson, Erie and Shelby Uhrmacher, Erie

Ousmane Camara, Great Bend and Gnaman Kouyates, Great Bend

Trey Schlotthauer, Great Bend and Jordan Trimmer, Great Bend

Jay McKee, Columbus and Jackie Newberry, Columbus

Leija Martinez, Chase and Emma Mendoza, Chase

Robert Williams, Great Bend and Audrey Clark, Great Bend

Aaron Munsch, Great Bend and Erica Keffer, Great Bend

Trevor Williams, Hoisington and Jenna Williams, Hoisington

Hunter Walker, Pratt and Destiny Evans, Pratt

Cody Bennett, Fort Riley and Victoria Straling, Tehachop

Michah Hoskins, Pratt and Taylor Ireland, Pratt

Gage Girton, Galena and Kansas Martin, Galena

Matthew Phillips, Great Bend and Maya Felder, Kansas City, Mo.

Chenoa Phillips, Manhattan and Allison Haddad, Lawrence

Divorce filings

Daniel Casper vs Regina Reynolds

Matthew Althouse vs Andrea Althouse

Yolanda Delgadillo vs Andrew Delgadillo

Thomas Ledesma vs Kimberly Ledesma

Kimberly Peterson vs Shannon Peterson

Robert Weeks vs Elizabeth Weeks

Tyler Reeves vs Kayla Reeves

Lisa Suchy vs John Suchy

Kim Shudduck vs Kris Shudduck

Rebecca Williams vs Brian Williams

Annmari Lopez vs Laureano Lopez