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Have You Seen This? Musical, ugly Christmas sweater is pure magic
If you take pride in how awesome your ugly Christmas sweater is, be prepared to be put to shame. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE OFFICE PARTY The halls have been decked, the last Friday has been worked, and now its all about the last preparations for Christmas.

While we wait and cook and clean and wrap and eat, we cant forget that it is also part of a healthy Christmas diet to binge on entertainment of all kinds. You may choose movies, board games, and crafts, but may I also suggest viewing a delightful video brought to you by an office Christmas party this year.

Like so many modern office parties, this unnamed office held an ugly Christmas sweater contest. You may take pride in the time and effort you took to perfect your ugly Christmas sweater, but I imagine youll cry in shame after seeing what this woman has created.

Not only does she show off her crafty engineering skills, but she adds her musical abilities into the mix. The result is Christmas performance art of the highest kind.

In the video, youll see this lovely lady has strategically attached toned push bells to her sweater. She then hammers out a decent rendition of Carol of the Bells. It is somehow silly and hugely impressive at the same time.

She may not get to Carnegie Hall or find a place in the annals of music history, but she surely has found her way into the cockles of at least one heart (mine). And based on the growing views, Im guessing Im not the only one who feels this way.