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Have You Seen This? Squirrel photobombs Bighorn ram at Glacier National Park
A Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram, spotted in Glacer National Park in Montana. - photo by Angie Treasure
MONTANA Dave Cawley happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right equipment this weekend when he captured not only the majesty of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram, but a little squirrel that wanted some face time with the camera.

Cawley, who works for KSL Newsradio, was hiking in Glacier National Park Saturday when he saw three rams grazing near Grinnell Glacier. He decided to shoot some video while he sat down to have a drink and a snack.

I use a little folding tripod with my iPhone, so I set that up and framed a shot with one of the bighorns, Cawley said. I started the clip and then noticed a little squirrel zipping around the area. It was obvious he was looking for food.

Since the squirrel noticed Cawley had set something down, the critter decided to check out the tripod in case any of it was edible.

I wasnt sure until I stopped the recording and played it back if hed actually been caught on camera, Cawley said. When I saw the quick photobomb, I started laughing.

Not only is the video worth watching, Cawley said the trip to Glacier National Park specifically the hike to Grinnell Glacier is worth visiting Montana, in part because you get such a good view of the wildlife.

Grinnell Glacier is a beautiful hike, he said. There were wildflowers bursting everywhere along the trail. The rams were really docile, but also pretty imposing with their big horns. Hikers seemed to give them a pretty wide berth.

Whats the best thing youve caught on camera?